PvP Scrimmage Options?

Hello Eve Community!

A group of my friends and I are just starting out and getting to get a feel for PvP. Our fellows are interested in trying out a scrimmage, but we are unsure of the best option/solution to go about this.

We’ve made an effort to go into lowsec to find fights in frigates, and found that all other frigates ran away from us (couldn’t pin anything down, most left system when we showed up) or we were faced with T3 Destroyers and Cruisers and were outclassed immediately.

We are eyeballing possibly finding a small wormhole and looking around for some isolated PvP there with each other, or simply finding an opportunity to engage with others in the WH space.

What other options have you all used to get your newer players engaged in PvP and/or to find PvP Content?


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Known space → wh / filament → enemy space for pvp and pew’s → back through wh / pochven → back home.

Good direct content wh’s are found mostly in low sec but for filament’s you can stage out of anywhere really.

Pochven also has a figured out route/ the super eve highway. (https://pochven.electusmatari.com/)
So if you want to live in pochven and go through those wh’s for content it is a possibility, null holes are camped only by rouge drones which are super easy to get passed.

The only issues are:
*You would have to farm standings or both Trig and Eden which takes a good 20-30 hours of farm.
*You need to fly ships with under 4 sec align time or a cloak in case of Drifter gate camps. (would be nice if CCP increased the rats lock time a bit, limiting access to small ships is kinda meh.)

most people try to avoid fair fights, so you need to create a situation where it looks like your opponents will easily win.

as an example, you can setup a fleet of battle ventures and endurances at a low sec belt or ore anomaly and masquerade as a noob mining fleet. naturally have them all equipped with pvp modules, and sit them at the warp-in point. gankers who pass by will take the opportunity to kill a venture or endurance and warp to your belt / anomaly, expecting an easy kill.

example fleet venture (only 1m cost)

[Venture, bait]

Damage Control I

J5b Enduring Warp Scrambler
1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Medium Shield Extender I

Limited Light Neutron Blaster I, Federation Navy Antimatter Charge S
Small Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer
Limited Light Neutron Blaster I, Federation Navy Antimatter Charge S

Small Core Defense Field Extender I
Small Thermal Shield Reinforcer I
Small EM Shield Reinforcer I

Hobgoblin I x2

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Thanks for the feedback! This was something I was thinking about as well. Just not sure how viable a small swarm of frigates would be for something like this, or if running with a roam of destroyers/cruisers would be better. Typically when doing PvP there are key targets to keep in mind and roams like this are very open ended. Any recommendations?

We were contemplating doing something like this as well, but to make a meme squad of just a bunch of angry ventures to goof around in and see who would take the bait. Typically though this may be what we have to resort to though having a bit more fun roaming through faction warfare was our goal.

If all else fails we still want to try a scrimmage, but to do that may require waiting for the appropriate proving grounds and/or diving into wormhole space. Thanks for the fit!

The offer to try out Red vrs Blue was something I’ve read about though we like having our small gang corp and would rather keep our resources between good friends. This isn’t to say you all have proven to be a fun resource and it is something we appreciate that you provide such a service for! Cheers!

Ah so you are a corp not only group of friends … thats fine :slight_smile:

You guys need to sit and plot seriously … because content is oretty dry down there and unfortunately most of them pretty risk averse … they cherry pick fights and wont commit if they are not sure they will win %100 … get into our discort if you want its community discord there is lot of friends there and we can talk i would share some sugestions like tactics , fittings , possible hunting grounds ect ect… also our wednesday night fleets are training purpose , small gang , purple so you all welcome to join

Assault frigs with a few keres are amazing, having 1 good neut ship will go a long way as well (sentinal or the blood frig), the damps will help you fight vs enemy logi without having logi of your own and a neut ship will help you break crazy good active self tanks. Frig logi is a bit too tough for new players tbh with the tiny range unless the group is anchored but I would promote self flying in frigs as it increases their effectiveness many fold.

Frigs are fine imo even a group of 5 is enough to cause some havok, but a group of 10-15 of them is going to be a sweet spot, more and you will start getting less fights because its becoming blobby.

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I’ll definitely pass this onto the corp and see if we can’t get in on some of the shared fleet action if you’d have us! I’ll try to join the discord soon as well. Cheers!