PVP toon 2011/07/23 43M SP

SkillQ.net - Slaughterer Ed
Caldari/Minmatar/Triglavian missiles/gunnery focused subcap pilot
wallet 0 isk
no assets
no kill rights
npc corp
in perimeter.

  • clone with set of +5 implants
  • clone with set of genolution core implants

starting bid at 20B.
buyout 40B.
I will pay the transfer fee.

please update skills link

huh? its opening just fine for me.

‘Not your character to view…’

oof indeed, thanks. Updated.

Thread open again

25B ready to go

26b offer

28B offer

bids noted. But for 28B I can strip it myself to get same profit.

You will get approximately 22B if you dont have extractors.
I can offer you 30B within 14 hours, let me know.

noted. I will consider your offer within 14h :slight_smile: . Thanks.

I agree on your 30B.
I will start the transaction as soon as money will be received.

ISK and email sent, waiting for transfer

Character transfer has been paid. Wait for the dude to appear on your account

Pleasure doing business with you, enjoy your character!

Thank you for the deal.

Fly safe o7