PVP wormhole corp is looking for new members

Deliverance is a rapidly growing wormhole pvp corp, specializing in small-gang warfare and organized mid/large alliance fleets. We’re also a continuation of The Grey Eagles. A little about us:

• Regular small nano gangs into null sec

• Operating in EU/US/AU timezones

• A member of the Ocularis Inferno alliance

• We live in a c2 with a C5 & NS statics, so non stop content to be had

• Alliance ops such as rage rolling ops, mid/large scale fleets, ratting fleets in the c5, black ops and more

example of the kind of stuff we do - https://zkillboard.com/related/30004664/202002041500/


• Mic/headset for comms

• Must be Omega

• Must have some exp in PvP

How to apply: Join our in game channel Deliverance Pub and ask to speak to a recruiter or contact Danny Dementia directly.

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