Q1 2020 Economy Review

i have a comment on first quarter economy… who da beeep beep .thought it was a good plan to nerf all the moons in hisec? you trying to force people into lowsec and null?..half my corp quit cuz they cant survive as non pvp players… consider

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Most that live in Null don’t pvp either. That shouldn’t stop anyone.

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What a load of bollocks. I have plexed my main account since 2014 and a few others. For the past two months I have not been able to earn enough isk to plex one. WTG CCP.

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Do you guys have any data on the sell price of minerals regionally?


They didn’t stop at the moons in hisec… all moons were nerfed. No more of the high value ore in them.

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I have one account, one email address I check daily because I literaly only have that one email address, in over 6 years of playing the game almost every day I have not recieved a single player survey, is this another CCP Ghost situation where you only ask a tiny handfull of eve null sec whales how everyone feels about the game?


citation required.

Please note that “don’t pvp” and “don’t engage every piece of chicken with escape filaments in their cargohold” is very different, and its the latter who’s closer to “don’t pvp” than the one who choose unrestricted pvp zone as his living space.

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so by labor is more profitable… you mean BOTTING is more profitable right? NOTHING BUT FREAKING BOTS almost everywhere I go. dones’t matter if it’s HS, LS or NS… it’s more than 50% bots.

You are saying that by constantly moving to safes and avoiding combat probes you establish “risk free” status. Yes, I agree. Same as it ever was.

The thing I use needlejacks to escape from is Wormhole Space. If somehow you lose your probes or lost your fleet in a wormhole just jack yourself out to null space and gate yourself home. No one seems to be complaining about this, because GOOD!

CCP Convict:
“Unfortunately we won’t be able to continue providing these on an ongoing basis since it’s quite a lengthy process to get this prepared for public consumption.”

Where are all the quick-witted forum dwellers leaping on this gem of irony? Would never have been missed in the good old days on the old forums…

CCP admits: “the economy is going so great now and everyone’s so happy watching their plex bought with real cash evaporate via taxes that we sadly can’t afford to pay someone to spout propaganda about the economy anymore”.

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