[Q2] Blocking Warp Core Stabs from FW Acceleration Gates

(Rixx Javix) #21

I sure hope you aren’t trolling me again! If not then this is an excellent first step towards helping Low Sec thrive, and something we discussed with Masterplan way back in 2015. The next step is setting Plex timers to continuous, so they re-set when the ship running them leaves the Plex. Those two changes would go a long way towards helping Low Sec.

If it is a troll, then well played. I’m bringing 400 BAN WCS stickers with me to Fanfest and I’ll be sure to stick some on your back when you aren’t looking! lol

(Or'es'ka) #22

cloaks should be left in, or at very least cov ops cloaks. maybe extend the beacon radius to prevent cloaking so close to the warp in beacon? But 100% disallow stabs. Hell, remove them from the game all together.

(Nihilaus Vause) #23

This is a great step.
Plus it’s after 12 in Iceland when you posted this, even better!
Echo the call to get ventures banned too.
Most farmers won’t want the hassle of changing fits in the plex to get the wcs’, it will also make it more annoying for them to re-enter, to the point where they may actually consider fitting a ship for combat!
Ok maybe that’s a stretch…

(Akrasjel Lanate) #24

Oh, ye of little faith.

(DurpDurp) #25

You should also disallow anyone with a stab in their cargo hold from entering. Wouldn’t want any sneaky refits happening somehow…

(yamamoto suhara) #26

took sooooo looong to be implemented

(TrouserDeagle) #27

2-3x speed backwards timers when you stop capping pls so neutrals can’t just be totally ignored in plexes

(Adam Parvi) #28

runs to get as many LP as possible before the ban comes

(CaseyLP) #29

I swear if this is an April Fool’s joke I’m going to eat my wizard hat.

(Arazu Helios) #30

Glad to see you guys have remembered that lil area of space that is LS, can I congratulate CCP in finding its way back…

WCS - restriction/no refits will add the risk back in for all and botter so this is the best +1 you’ve had in years!

Cloak - never seen a botter with a cloak in a plex let alone it be of much service. Further, this would actually be impeding certain styles of gameplay that exist so would remove from the sandbox more than prevent bots and farming. Would also query if you then intended to remove force recon, astero & strat from FW, simply wouldn’t do me old china, we love that stuff!!!

More changes posted for comment plz :wink:

(Netan MalDoran) #31

I swear to god, if this is april fools, I will burn the servers personally.

Also, I dont think that blocking cloaks is a good idea.

(StainGuy) #32

Fake 1st April news as nothing about lowsec gate to Stain!

(Arazu Helios) #33


(Wallymarts) #34

disallow ventures, lmao

(Templar Dane) #35


(Alfius Togra) #36

Faction Warfare is real April Fool’s joke here.

(Tikktokk Tokkzikk) #37

Please don’t touch cloaks. It’s the only way to catch farmers who actually pay attention.

How long until Punishers are replaced with this?

[Griffin, FARMER]

Damage Control I
Signal Distortion Amplifier I

Cetus Scoped Burst Jammer
Compulsive Scoped Multispectral ECM
Compulsive Scoped Multispectral ECM
Compulsive Scoped Multispectral ECM
Medium Shield Extender I

[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]

Small Particle Dispersion Augmentor I
Small Particle Dispersion Augmentor I
[Empty Rig slot]

(Aldrith Shutaq) #38



(Bienator II) #39


all i could recover from my broken record:

  • stabs/cloaks are not the problem they are a symptom
  • timer rollbacks would actually fix the FW mechanics and not treat symptoms

afk again

(Rixx Javix) #40

Timer rollbacks should be step 2