QoL Improvement : Eve Online Mobile

Android / iOS app that renders only the various station environment , and maybe some ships + skins as the background.

Does not allow undocking and flying in space

Allow all other functionality , such as :

  • access to chat channels so you can use your tablet as a second screen for chats.
  • access to markets and contracts so you can play the trading meta game.
  • access to fits so you can fiddle around with fitting while you’re on the train
  • access to corp hangars so you can contract for SRP
  • access to mail
  • access to hypernet so you can gamble
  • access to research/manufacturing/refining
  • access to character design / ward robe

Bonus/optional features - Tap to shoot.

  • a 3D wire frame / reduced graphic station exterior view for starbase defense operation, taking control of station guns, targeting, and shooting attackers. Tap on tablet to shoot.
  • via the same wireframe interface, become a ship gunner, allow taking control of turrets / missiles on another player’s ship. Ship gunner bonus stacks with pilot’s bonus. Tap on tablet to shoot.

Try EVE: Valkyrie.

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