Quadrant: working on bugs

On this happy month, the Power of the Light Side will gain the upper hand for a short time. Steep and terrible developers will stop running towards the end of the universe. In these months there will be no strange updates and the embodiment of new ideas. The look will clear up, the bell will strike three times, Annushka will not spill oil. Purified, ready for the most terrible trials, developers will enter the stinking waters of the game’s error base. Yes, in the very ones where technical support drowned. Their strength will be great, determination is unbending, and they will see how many bugs Satana created. Powerful programmers crawl into the impassable thicket of someone else’s code. Paladins will launch game servers in other countries. Mystics put aside their moss and alcohol, throw away a jamb. And all together they will clear what they have already done from Satanic distortions! And the players will finally be able to play, and not spend half the time circumventing existing problems. Stop running forward, crying out on behalf of the collective mind! It is necessary to strengthen what has already been done.

What the actual… what?

I need whatever your on.

As this post is not related to Features and ideas of EVE Online, and actually is not about EVE at all, I will go ahead and close this.