A Month Full of Bugs

It’s only me, or this is EVE Online Bugiest Month Ever…?

  • Login issues
  • Connection issues
  • Stability issues
  • Gameplay issues

A whole month full of Bugs.


I had to force close the launcher and open it back up - but I haven’t played for years so I am not sure what’s normal. Eve’s always been a work in progress if memory serves.


Maybe I completely missed them but I had no such issues at all.


Generally speaking I have never seen the game so unstable (playing steady since 2007). Since the July 10 release I have experienced more crashes, stutters, freezing and odd object behavior than ever before.


Today I’m having problems to login and also crashes and freezing during missions.

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I gave up on running missions today because of a all this instability.


I haven’t been able to log in for hours either. I have a ticket open with a log submitted. Hopefully somebody on the other end will have a fix for me.

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Add to that deleted fighters from launch tubes and the rare instance where you get ejected with your ship from an athanor while afk docked

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Don’t forget

  • regular chat server disconnects
  • disconnects while jumping gates
  • disconnects while jumping wormholes
  • disconnects while just sitting in space

You weren’t here the first few years, were you? Because especially 2003-2005 was several magnitudes worse than it is right now.


Hm @Turin_San, @Sasha_Rits and @Crew_Member … why post a question and use two alts to reply to yourself?

Sure, there could be issues for people, but the reasons for that may vary.
As @Ima_Wreckyou said, I’ve not encountered any of these either.

So, taken that you use alts to reply to yourself and taken the content of the thread, I think CCP should look into your account. Are you deliberately bad-talking the game in order to damage it?

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Thanks. I wasn’t sure. Now I am. Now look at who liked all their posts.


Been playing since 2005 and yeah this is the worst I have seen it, The Boot.ini was bad but imo no where near as bad as this shite.


So you are saying that thousands of people’s windows computers being unable to boot is not as bad as people being unable to play a video game.


Sounds very, very reasonable.


Well for me personally my pc was down for a couple of hours at most. So for me this is a lot worse.


Fair. : - )


How do you know those are all alt characters belonging to the same player?

Also just because you and a few other players may not experience any problems doesn’t mean there isn’t any issues happening with the game. In fact the game has had way more problems within the past couple of months compared to what I’ve seen in my 10+ years of playing.

All paying customers have the right to voice their opinion about the service they receive.

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Isnt it clear? To inflate the problem so that they will receive an even larger compensation from CCP. They are just trying to farm compensation rewards.

I’m a rich man IRL and I will happily compensate you guys a WHOLE DAY WORTH OF SUBSCRIPTION each! I understand how deeply impacting the tragic loss of game time and game stability must be for you. You are poor folk, working hard all day for basically scrubs. SCRUBS! In what world are we living in, where people are being unfairly milked out of their hard owned, well deserved money!

I am absolutely convinced that you really, absolutely need the money. Of course can I only guess, but given the obvious OUTRAGE I believe I can safely assume that many of you have to make hard choices when it comes to their daily lives!

I imagine it going something like this:

Do I play EVE ONLINE today, or will I eat? Can I afford to shower, or do I need to ask my neighbor again? OMG I forgot the power bill! I NEED the compensation badly! D:

Therefore, from the bottom of my heart, allow me to happily compensate each and everyone of you 50 cents (aka one day worth of subscription) you have lost. You REALLY, REALLY need it!

*drops mic*
*drops spare change*
*walks off*

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ill take that, convo me for paypal account.

i also have a list of quite a lot of poor service providers without regards for their customers just like CCP and they could use your charity ( just like CCP ).