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I sent this to support who couldn’t do anything about it, I’m copy pasting it here:

In the recent patch, in PI, you’ve made cha
nges to the icons in the “Program duration” bar inside the extraction program. This caused the bar size to change, and the duration intervals you can choose by sliding the bar with the mouse (and NOT by using the “+” and “-” signs in the UI) to change too, due to the different size of the sliding bar.
The interval used to be whole hours (after some point), not it fluctuates (sometimes it’s 45 minutes, sometimes 60 minutes, sometimes 75 minutes, etc, but it’s not consistent anymore as it used to be. See attached pictures).

Currently, when you install a new extractor, the “default” duration for the program is 1 hour (the minimum allowed).
But - I always use a different time for all my extractors (I used to use the slider bar to set all my durations to 12 hours exactly, always). This has always been an extra step I had to do, every time I relocated my extractor. This is also kind of annoying, because I always select 12 hours, and the it’s very hard to do by using the sliding bar, since the resolution of the steps of the bar, are very small and hard to set correctly (try to use the bar to select 12 hours, it’s hard).
Plus - see “Request [X-X-X]” - it used to be possible to set the program duration to exactly 12:00 hours by using the bar, but now it’s not possible anymore (it’s only possible to set the time to 11:15 or 12:15 or 13:15 by sliding the bar, and you have to use the “+” and “-” icons to actually get whole 12:00 hours).

If there was an option to select the default program duration to something different than 1 hour (say for example, set the default to 12 hours in my case), that would had saved me a lot of clicks in the long run.

Suggestion - next to the “Program Duration” bar - add a “checkbox” which would say something like “set the current program duration time as the default” - so the next time I build an extractor - the “program duration” would already be set to 12 hours and save me the sliding of the bar.
The “default-default” would still be set to 1 hour, so, it wouldn’t change anything for anyone else, if they wouldn’t want to use this feature.

I see this as a “quality of life” improvement to PI.
Please consider :slight_smile:

Thank you.

(I can’t upload pictures)


@Brisc_Rubal @Mike_Azariah

Defaults options that pick what you have picked last time are good.

I think PI has a few like that already, and selects factory programs based on what you have selected for such a planet in the past.

It would be nice if the default duration also changed based on what you selected last time.

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I am glad people want to make templates, so to speak.

I would like to go one further. and basically have a template of how long is Default extraction. and how many drills are on lined.

In my PI i have to change the entire drill planet(2 drills, a launchpad and a storage facility) like 2-3 times a week. It would be nice if I could set Default to 1 day 12 hours and already have 10 drills on lined when i hit the template!

yes PI is so tedious already. my wrist is often sore by the time im done with it. That being said…PI needs a lot of quality of life changes. For example, an option to “restart program(s)” as is in the planetary overview screen without ever having open up a planet. as far as slider bar how bout a 2nd bar? one for days and one for hours with increment ticks that can easily be stopped at. and yes remembers last setting or use a default setting option.

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Do this then?

Expedite Transfer: change to 5 minutes only and not those 4 hours anymore

Storage Facitlities: change to 60k m3 size, not the actual 12k m3, are you kidding me, a Storage facility having less space than an Epithal makes no sense

Launching Pads: 20k m3 size instead of the actual 10k m3 space, a filled Epithal will fill at least three launching pads.

So like this, if you want to dump all the products from one Storage to launching pads, you will spend only 15 minutes and will fill an Epithal. Nowadays you have to keep returning every 4 hours to use Expedide Transfer so you will only fully export the products only after 12 hours at least.

5 minutes won, 12 hours lost!

Also because the extra space people won’t have to export/import so frequently, they won’t have to be visiting the pocos so much, they will have time to do other things instead of the pi grind/second job.

If the guy wants to visit his PI once a month, let him do it! Just add enough storages and people will go back doing other activitivities. Go do pvp, go for a npsi fleet, etc.

The worst aspect today in PI is not the clicking, it is all the traveling, all the visiting the system, all the expedide transfers time accumulated, all those tiny tiny storages and launching pads.

People say PI is the “passive isk” but it is the passive that is taking more time from people, so in the end PI is not passive at all!
PI feels like a second job nowadays, because all those hours people will put on it montlhy.

Make PI truly passive, please!
Let people have more free time to do more interesting things in EVE.

How about just let me type in the hours/minutes.

Because it might cause TiDi

Is already there, you need to upgrade the link (more times) over which you are doing the transfer.

Had no idea, thanks. Now it’s not important anymore, I quit PI.

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