Quality of Life Updates

Here are some Quality of Life changes coming soon; please feel free to give constructive feedback on the subject. Please look forward to it!


Constructive, QoL of whom?

Looks like a very specific small player base, proportionally speaking ofc.

Also on topic, don’t we have more important and broader stuff to focus?

Let me be more pro active, what about removing NPC station black screen on un-docking? Sure it does not affect NS and WH people, but it affect a LARGE amount of playerbase.

Confused about the jump clones.

Is it only for the initial installation, or will we be able to leave multiple jump clones inside a single station via manual jumping? If the latter is true, will it still be limited by the station clone bay requirement? If so, why?

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Anyone know what the C1 wh limit has been lifted to?

why we never get the values? why we have to figure it out and after that, anyway everybody know the mass etc from wormholes, why we have to put it on thirdparty pages, when we have a game with a description option?
is it possible to add the values?


Yay!!! These kind of gameplay tweaks are exactly what I want to see!!!

Multiple Jump Clones - Thank bob! Finally!

Increased PG for burst jammers - This is good.

More mass for WHs - I don’t feel like i have the SME to comment since I don’t live in WH space right now and only lived there for 2 years. Seems like it increases the artificial ceiling that restricts the sizes of WH groups (buff to larger groups), which I don’t agree with.

Buff to target specturm breaker - I like this. Adds flavor to fleet fights. Shifts the meta slightly maybe?

did that just get pulled? It’s not on the list anymore
“less oppressive”
like 10 is less than 11.
make them cruiser and above and burst jamming is suddenly not oppressive at all.

Yeah, they changed it completely. Now it reads “fitting a Burst Jammer module will disable interdiction nullification, making it less oppressive when fit to nullified Interceptors”.

A small oops I guess.

lord have mercy. “less oppressive”

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What are the wh mass changes?

Clones - nice.
Burst jammer - seems like it’s really specifically targeted at a particular player…
WH - not enough experience to have an opinion about this change
Target Spectrum Breaker - I’m surprised CCP even remembered the module existed, but won’t have any opinions about it until the numbers come out and we know exactly what the change is.

metawise nothing changes but we can roll with less ships so actually a good change

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This should have been in Announcements and the announcement should have a link to this topic in the news post. It took me 30 minutes to find this topic again…

I don’t even get what this is supposed to help with. Bomb runs? Most BS don’t have a slot to spare for this. They need their slots to be able to lock something before the end of the millennium and track things that are not as big as a continent and keep their capacitor from running dry from a few cycles of MWD or void bombs. Before someone comes up with “trade offs for more protection”: BS don’t need even more trade-offs. Would be really interesting to see the rationale behind this planned change because it won’t help BS.

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Agreed, this is not a medieval magic game, this is technology, they should just give up the numbers.


you will be able to install multiple Jump Clones in the same station or structure, as long as it has a Clone Bay facility.

Thank you CCP.

How about being able to take raw PI material and refine them into tier products in a refinery, that makes me happy.

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As of 23 March, you will be able to install multiple Jump Clones in the same station or structure, as long as it has a Clone Bay facility. This is something that many in the community have been asking for!

Yes, thank you, finally, I can swap my learning clone and my combat clone and not have to change stations.

The wormhole change is very welcome.

The wording of the anouncement is very bad in general, please provide more specific information. I had to walk through https://www.hoboleaks.space/ in order to get a glimpse at the actual change and extrapolate the intent.

Similarly, the TSB change is very unclear, and as worded sound like a bad idea.
Are you removing the tarket lock breaking and replacing it with an ADC-like on-activation sig radius bonus ?
If yes sounds like its gonna become a no-brainer thing to have for any doctrine fit that is designed to operate under some pressure.
If not, its gonna be more tempting to use, while still making your logi life a hell.
If you try and balance it by making it operate with a cooldown instead of a cycle time, it will probably just make it less effective at making your fleet able to operate while outnumbered than it is now.
So overall idk, would need a better understanding of what the changes actually are to get an idea, or just go and do extensive testing on sisi which i dont have time to do right now

The announcement also lacks a link to this thread.

PS :

20kt (medium) → 62kt (leshak = 78kt)
300kt (large) → 375kt (bowhead = 400kt)
1480kt (very large) → 2000kt (nyx = 1600kt ???)

Making any BS allowed to be a rolling bs, and caps able to 1shot very large connections this is no minor change. I feel a lack of consideration for the wormholers out there who will be very much impacted by this change. Please provide more specific information.

Yep. Here it is. Doesn’t matter what CCP does, someone somewhere will says CCP has more important things to work on. By this logic, CCP might as well stop developing the game.

By the way, the nullification and WH changes impact a “very specific small player base,” but the other changes have much broader affects. For example the clone bay changes affect everyone who doesn’t live in a WH, and the target spectrum breaker sig radius reduction could conceivably influence fits in a variety of activities. Of course, I’m willing to bet that Pochven residents will get the most use out of it (i.e. use it to avoid drifter doomsdays).

In other news:
\o/ Yay for the clone change!!!


I love the jump clone change. This is pretty awesome and it’ll make everyone’s life a lot easier.

The rest I’m not smart enough to have a firm opinion on.