Quantum Cores - High Sec Change

As a Industrialist who sits in Highsec I feel compelled to speck on this subject as all I hear on the subject from Null Sec, Low Sec, and WarDeccers is how this is a great change.

First, I am “Ok” with must of this change as it doesn’t affect me that much, dropping 69 stations in someones space is BS. Even the cost and size of the units is ok to me, that can be dealt with.

My Issue is the 100% drop rate, first of all nothing in Eve should be free. That is what you are making Cores in High sec. Some of us just want to mine, build or attempt to have a market share to a region. Something that we can call our own. We don’t wish to have to worry about constant warrdeccers every week. We didn’t start playing Eve for the PVP experience. We like the industry side of it. We understand and comply with the golden rules (sweating sometimes going into Jita). We didn’t pay for Omega for PVP, we paid for you to buy our stuff to PVP.

Now my solution would be that the drop rate would be set to the security status of the system that the station is in. If you place your station in a .9 system you have a 10% drop rate, .5 - 50%, .1-90% 0.0 100%.

That simple. It helps newer players and High sec industrialists that don’t want to PVP, and PVPers still get a chance of drop on station destruction. Null doesn’t seem to care so.


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