Quarterly Financial Report

Do any one have a link to CCP hf. Quarterly Financial Report?

I know since CCP hf. has an office in London that they have to make their finance reports public. I just can not seem to find it.

Thanks for your help

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I did a search on two different search engines and found zippo, nada. I hope someone else will be luckier.


Do they need to publish? They are part of Pearl Abyss reporting.

I honestly don’t know if they need to.

Like i have never seen this rule despite having studied Accounting. Nor can i find such a rule.

But i have seen rules about employers with fewer than 250 uk employees not having to publish, and CCP probably fall under that threshold. And then of course they are part of Pearl Abyss.

Most companies put such info on their website. Even if they are not required to make it public.

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Buy stock, you’ll get the reports in the mail.


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