Queen or Princess Focused Alliance

Topic is simply How many of Single Corporations would like to create Alliance…
…Under a Political and Diplomatic Hand of One Person.

It is a Alliance Logo that i made.
To be Apply in to game , i think should fit without a background [White].

Queen or Princess Task is Diplomacy and Politics.

Queen or Princess needs to BE ALREADY IN CORE GAME Alliance for some time…We need experienced Player.
Why? - Sorry EVE is unforgiving place , if you think real about fights and game in main Alliance we NEED someone who going to guide a rookie we are.
IT NEEDS TO BE A WOMAN - Imagine Discord talk … without this Condition.

…So Queen or Princess say …and we do it , no not.
…IF someone say not , He leaves a Aliance and Corporation.
…Queen / Princess cant expect more than 50.000.000ISK in 3 Months from PLAYER.

Who going to Be a Queen or Princess…we going to Vote.
For Who? You Decide…
…Under this post Write Character Full Name LINKED TO THIS PERSON.
…And This person Needs to Confirm Is ready to take that Task.

You write it as YOU NOT CORPORATION , If Got more Players and all agreed CEO is Vote x1.
EVEN IF YOU are in single Corp too cut tax , you may join.
If you join and not select a Player to be Queen Princess , you may Vote.

OK , I Think everything is clear.
At The moment i do not Select a Player , going to do that latter.

Why this post isnt a blablabla?
If you answer that question i think you understand why this post at the moment read.

So princes, is plural for prince.

I think you meant princess or princesses

Thank you for correction… :heartpulse:

If you’re looking for a princess alliance, bigab is recruiting

Link to Corporation please. Im collecting now Corps in game , also there is One player from Fraternity interested but nothing 100% Confirmed …Awaiting forum response from player.

Hi. I think it’s obvious why I’m here. Do we really need to vote.

o7 Hello
Yes we do…we are waiting for more players. I understand that you joining , happy to hear that.
Link a Queen / Princess if got someone.