Question about all these financial products

Why aren’t they all in sales or services? This isn’t the right venue for people selling something.

This forum has been the home for financial services since 2005.

Given that there’s separate forums for both products and services, a move seems to be overdue.

Send me one billion isk and I will agree with you.

There’s a thought.

I agree and most the loan offers are just alts padding, Norn is one of the worst offenders for that.

this hasn’t gotten any less true in the intervening time.

you guys could create a new subforum called obvious freaking scams, forgive me, i meant financial products

This would be more suited to Forum Feedback since it is also not market discussion. Just sayin’…

only getting more accurate

Also only getting more accurate.

better suited if the idea is to shunt it into a spot where it’ll never be seen.

while i thank you for your unsolicited advice, well, i’ll just leave it at that.

Aiko’s financial product is the only one I trust.

You posted in a discussion forum. Deal with responses. ‘Investment funds’ are not Services - in-game support or out-of-game assets sold for in-game resources. They also aren’t Sales. So barring the existence of a new forum subcategory, the Market Discussion category is the place to discuss these product offerings.

Nobody’s going to make a change to add a new sub category if you don’t bother to suggest it where the forum managing devs actually look for such things. It’s not like the players control this.

If all you are here to do is complain, you are also in the wrong place.

Wow, you’re a real sunshine, hu?


And yet these rich people keep telling everybody to put all their money in the stock market. :thinking:


Calm down miner. Ganking creates jobs. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Mainstream media?

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financial products, but go off

i’m glad you have an opinion. i’m sad it’s useless. better luck in the future.

hey, glad to see an actual discussion going instead of ponzi ads. :wink: