Question about Constellaton/Regional Stargates and Planets

I have noticed that in Stain every single Constellation and Regional Stargate is not “anchored” to a planet.

What I mean is,EVERY single Stargate that did not lead to a new Constellation or Region had a Planet within less than .1au; and again, every single Stargate that led to a new Constellation or Region did NOT have a planet within .1 au.

Most of the Constellation / Regional Stargates were farther than 14.3au from anything in warp range (not counting temporary citadels), but a couple of them was within d-scan range of another celestial (but still lacked any “anchoring.”)

My question is - Is this a pattern across the whole New Eden Galaxy, and is my observation correct in every region?

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My first thought is who cares as long as there is a star gate to use.

You could consider seeking the answer to this as a quest for you to perform. Fly to every system in the game and look at all the star gates and let us know what you find out.

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I care. This is why I came to the forums and posted…

A sharp-eyed pilot you are :slightly_smiling_face:

If you enjoy traveling trough the cluster, I think that website is for you:

EVE Travel Sightseeing in the Cluster:

And you can open another thread about you observations at

Maybe that is a more appropriate & helpful section of the forum to discuss this matter.

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