Question about events and exploration

I’ve been exploring for several months now. Something I have noticed:

There are more data sites during events (I came in during Crimson Harvest) and Winter Nexus than non-event times. In fact, Data sites were pretty scarce in hi-sec in between times from my experience. I’ve only hit WH-Space, Null and Low-Sec recently so I don’t know how it is during non-event times there.

Is this the norm and how does it affect the market (selling of Data site loot)?

Also, are the hard-to-find ship skins tied in to events? There are some skins I would like but they are nowhere to be found.

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I think that’s fairly normal to see a bump during events, yes.


Some can be from events or certain other activities, while others are just offered for sale in the New Eden Store for PLEX from time to time.

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The event site loot is usually event-specific.

It should not share a loot table with regular data and relic sites that are there all year. The event sites may share a handful of items with regular data/relic sites, but usually, CCP adjusts the drop rates so that there is no strong impact on the markets.
Most of the time the ISK is in boosters, SKINs, and/or Overseer Effects (bought by NPCs).

Event sites are the only sites that can drop SKINs as far as I know.


That’s because during events a lot of players who usually run the regular exploration sites run the event sites.

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