Question about suspicious mining activity

Around 1 week ago a corp popped up. There are five characters in it. One was created 62 days ago, 3 was created exactly 46 days ago (each within one minute), and one was created 24 days ago.
It is member of an alliance which it joined 4 days after the corp was founded.

3 flies a hulk
1 flies a charon
1 flies an orca

Today was the first day i encountered them in the same belt and observed them for a minute. Based on movements I saw it is operated by one guy.

Is this a botter? Because there is no way in hell that 2 month old characters have this good of hardware and skills to operate them no matter how much they work in tandem.


Just a multiboxer probably, either had the isk to kit & skill them out or piled in the dollars/pounds/euros or gold doubloons.

It is difficult to tell if they are a bot in an ore belt, easier in an ice anom because of the synchronised targetting on each berg.

If in doubt report them by “show info” on each character then click the menu in the top left of the info window. If you are wrong then there is no sanction on you so nothing to lose.

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I read in a botting topic that you can bump the freighter. Because it is set to keep 1500m distance.
Im bumping it right now dammit. :slight_smile:

And it is moving… I’m pushing it…

Nevermind. Multi-boxer.

Doesn’t mean you have to stop bumping them :smiling_imp:


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