Question about "The Plan"

So, the Amarr don’t seem to like me much anymore, but I’d like to roam their playground. Found “The Plan”, and I’ve already started it, but something is not clear to me yet.

Should I do the Sisters of Eve epic arc while I’m still at negative standing or wait until I’ve turned positive? How do I maximize my standing gain: at negative standing, low positive or should I wait until I have more than 2.0 standing (or more)?

The appropriate skills are fully trained already.


It’s the same.

The effect of a standing gain of x is a multiplication of your “remaining” standing by (1-x/10) : eg a gain of +2 is actually a multiplication of your “remaining” stanging by 0.8 . Your “remaining” standing is actually, 10-standing.

Since it’s a multiplicative effect, it’s commutative, so gaining a +2 then a +1 is exactly the same as gaining +1 then +2.
What DOES change however, is the interaction with negative standing : if you gain positive and negative standing, you end up higher if you apply the negative standing first.


Beware though, the Sisters of EVE epic arc contains some missions in Amarr space. If you have less than -5.0 standing with Amarr, turn to other means first.


Yep. I was getting yelled at in Amarr and Caldari space because I was blindly accepting all Fed Navy and SOE missions as a newb back in the day… and then I looked into things, learned to stop accepting all those tag (empire faction kill) missions, injected and trained diplomacy to 3 (4 a bit later, and 5 coming this year in 2020 with my triple toon charisma remap at long last after years and years on per-will!)…

And then immediately went to do rookie missions again for SWA in Caldari space and IAC in Amarr space after having done them for U of C in Gallente space as a newb on my first toon (this one did 'em for CAS in Gallente space, ofc, and never had to do the Caldari/Amarr ones as she never did all those tag missions by “accident”!).

That + SOE epic arcs to pull up the lowest of the 4 empire standings + doing a lot of Amarr and Caldari missioning in the subsequent years. Ah, what a standing grind it’s been.

I take it you’re referring to the ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’. There’s an active thread created specifically for questions and comments pertaining to ‘The Plan’.

Anyway, I suggest concentrating on completing Career, Circle and Data Center Agents first. Mainly because those missions can be completed rather quickly for a faster increase in Faction standing.

Another thing to remember is when starting out with low standing, you’ll see a much larger increase from the low lv missions compared to completing them with high standing.

Exactly, I do the same thing with the level 1 SoE Epic Arc, complete it for whichever Faction I have the lowest standing with at that time. It’s a great way to help balance out / equalize Faction standings when needed.


Big fan of “The Plan” here. I and many others have been in the exact position OP is in and used “The Plan” to get it where one of the factions would let us in their space without hasseling us.

Thanks for making it, DMC.


Thanks Xuxe, it’s always good to hear ‘The Plan’ has helped players.

Especially since it’s still as viable today as it was back when I first created it over 10 years ago.


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