Question about using Signal Amplifier

Just a few questions about Signal Amplifiers…

  • Do they help mitigate effects from Web scramblers or warp disrupters?

  • are they any use when I use a kiting ship? Or better for closer range tactics?

Still trying to learn the ins and outs, and build a better ship fits.

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They increase your sensors, warp scrams and disrupters affect your propulsion so no they dont do anything against them.

They might be useful when longrange sniping / kiting but usually not useful if solo, unless flying big ships and fighting small ones which take long to get target lock where the signal amps help.

Often also used by people gatecamping to get faster lockspeeds to catch their prey, or some missioners with extra lows to get faster lockspeeds and range.


Signal Amplifiers are the passive alternative to Sensor Boosters.

they are designed to give faster locking and targetting range along with more number of targets and sensor strength that makes you more resistant to ECM and Sensor Dampening apart of making you harder to scan down by enemy Combat Probes.

counter to webs is to use an Afterburner, counter to Warp Scramblers and Warp Disruptors is to use a Warpcore Stabilizer

Signal Amplifiers are used for sniping due to the longer range and faster locking, but i’ve seen it on kiting ships which are usually paper thin but rely on moving fast enough to evade getting propulsion jammed.


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