Question bout the Origins trailer

EVE Universe: Origins - YouTube in this video at pretty much they end the voice says:
"And as our age begins to dawn they will learn to fear us.!
Who is “our” capsuleers maybe?? and who is “they”?

They are the 4 major empires. “Our” is the capsuleers. The video references how capsuleers have immense power due to them being able to clone every time when they die.

As we grow in numbers (we being capsuleers) We can start building up our immense fleets and even rival the empires. Right now the empires do out number us vastly in fleet power and building power.

I hope this helps.

It has also been retconned about us being able to properly rival the empires. They retain their own cadres of capsuleers, separate from the ‘independent’ player capsuleers, and a great many of them.

This isn’t to say that indie capsuleers can’t make themselves a nuisance, because they certainly do, however the atmosphere and direction of story has shifted a bit with time


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