Official stance on Celes Aguard's gate project

To the Meddling Empires

So once again the Empires have taken it upon themselves to meddle in the affairs of capsuleers; we demigods birthed by the Empires themselves to be used as tools in their petty ideological squabbles. We Empyreans who have wrested, through long struggle, our independence - our sovereignty - from the iron grip of our handlers.

Know this, leaders of the so-called “Empires”, hypocrites that hide behind the protection of the CONCORD Assembly while spinning your plots against each other: while you have sat in stagnation, bickering over trifles like schoolyard children, we Emypreans have pushed the boundaries of the human experience. We have achieved immortality and superseded you. We have broken nature’s cipher. We have colonized and brought Order to the lawless expanse of ‘null’ security space, and then shattered that Order into divine Chaos once again.

It is we who have kept your precious ‘high’ security space safe from the machinations of the Sansha; we who have stemmed the tide of pirate factions; we who have fought your wars for you; and it was we who explored and colonized the mysterious and inscrutable depths of Anoikis. It is we, your children, who have broken the bonds of immortality and it is we who will succeed you.

Know this, hypocrites of the Gallente Federation: your project will be undertaken on Emyprean sufferance. It is we who will allow you to build your new Stargate - or it will be we who forbid it.

You… have no idea of the actual scale of any of these groups, don’t you? Let’s not even get into the fact that each empire has a capsuleer cadre in their navies that EXCEEDS the population of ‘independents’ like us? These projects will go through whether we support them or not, and you are free to make your attempts at disruption, but at best that will slow, but not stop what they’re doing.


Regulated capsuleers, who can train only what they have been authorized to train, and fly only what they have been authorized to fly. They are not a concern.

Amongst what they can access is still technology that does not freely flow to independents, regardless. You severely overestimate your abilities.


And you underestimate yours.

Oh, no I do not. I am fully aware that an independent capsuleer can effect great change, positive or negative, and can do many great and terrible things. I am also just aware that even the strongest nullsec empire doesn’t hold a candle to the industrial powerhouse of even the Caldari State which is, at present, still the smallest of the four Empires in terms of population.


Capsuleer supremacists are so out of vogue.

We are not immortal.
Our biggest strength is being expendable.
And the non-independent capsuleers are not lesser than us.

Independent capsuleers were a mistake.


This deluded god mode line of thinking is overrated and boring.

Our President’s promise to us was the unity of the Federation across all regions, that includes the systems of Solitude.

You should think wisely about threating to halt and block this endeavour because many voted for our President and many (myself included) will ensure that these gates will be built to connect our friends in Solitude to the rest of our Federation.


I haven’t decided if I will allow the gate to be built. If I decide against, all I have to say is: good luck.

Although the Federation could force the issue by unilaterally raising necessary security levels and just building the gate overnight, the approach is one of partnership with “demigods.” Other “demigods” may enter into partnerships to prevent the construction. The Federation has therefore increased opportunities to develop new ideas without forcing an outcome. Instead of “meddling,” that seems quite deferential to the “demigods.” I suspect other factions will follow a similar path.

Why don’t the empires just revoke the clone contracts of all capsuleers that do harm to the empires? That would solve so many issues.

And my cursed kin who helps the Trig invaders to steal systems and people from the empires who created them, give them a home and a place to come back crying and sobby every time they get bested by someone else.

That would just drive clone contracting services even further into the control of unregulated providers.

Well that all sounds rather dramatic.

When do you start ?

Hi. I’m a member of one of the most militarily-powerful organizations of independent capsuleers in New Eden. I have been leadership in that group, and for an even longer time, part of the intelligence-gathering apparatus of the Imperium. I am acutely aware of just how much power we, and our enemies, possess. I promise, it is both more than you can readily comprehend1, and far, far less than you imagine.

Our entire military might, combined with that of the forces that have spent the last five months besieging us, would probably annoy the smallest of the four empire navies, the Republic Fleet2, for about a week.

And most of that annoyance would be from the work involved in them hunting us all down after obliterating our combined supercapital fleet with a force that outnumbers it by almost a thousand to one.

1. Frankly, if all of you guys in highsec brought your most badass toys out here to help with the siege against us, you’d go home broke and broken inside a month. And the only reason I’m giving it that long is some of your market guys have deep pockets… but then, those market guys actually work for us.
2. Though, after all the losses to the Trigs, the Caldari Navy might be smaller in terms of absolute numbers…


It’s a good tactic for those with little or no influence to feign indecision in things outside their control. Then they can claim responsibility for whatever outcome transpires, as if they had anything to do with it. The gauze of your narcissistic power is easy to peer right through…

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