Question: Eve & ICC Colour Profiles

Hi all,

I have a quick question regarding Eve and ICC Colour Profiles.

I understand if I calibrate my monitor using a hardware calibration device, it will save the configuration as an ICC Colour Profile.

I’m primarily calibrating my monitor for work, but was wondering if Eve will recognize and use the calibrated profile?

Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

A quick google says EVE has nothing to do with it, you’re either setting the profile in your graphics driver settings or using the settings built in to the monitor, either way they will generally be active constantly so EVE doesn’t need to know anything about it

Pretty much what the other guy said. An ICC profile is a device specific colour calibration that ensures that on any properly calibrated device the colours and saturation of an image is exactly the same as on any other calibrated device with its own profile. With printers this is easy, as long as you use the correct inks. With monitors (particularly CRTs) this is very difficult because you have to calibrate each unit from a base profile individually - all monitors are not the same.

A real world example is one I had to deal with fairly recently. An AOC monitor, and a Blaupunkt HDTV. Both 24" panels, both 1080p. I had them both set up to run EVE on an R7370 card. The problem was the colour space before calibration - it was unworkable! So, loading the ICC profiles for each screen and tuning them for those specific panels, I tried again. Perfect! If not for the half inch of bezel separating the two screens, you wouldn’t even know you were playing EVE on two panels.

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Thank you both for your helpful replies!


I’m also using two monitors, however, I don’t use them both for playing Eve.

My second monitor is an Asus VG248QE and all aspects of the display are poor.

For the display to look reasonable, I have to force the monitor to run at 100hz, which is fine since I’m no longer playing FPS games, so I was hoping calibrating the display would improve the overall display and especially make Eve look better.

Did you use a hardware calibration tool or did you manually calibrate them?

I calibrated them manually, I’m too poor to own a colourimeter.

Gotcha, thank you for your help!

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