Question on CONCORD Directives

Specifically about Directive Omega Five Two, as it’s used in the Code Aria Inquiry.

The directive is titled as “Freedom of access of CONCORD classified material.”
As it is used in the document:

This document classification is to be lowered at the request of the Inner Circle, under CONCORD Directive Omega Five Two: Freedom of Access of CONCORD Classified Material. [REF1] This document is to be copied and copies made available to Omega Silver personnel currently conducting an activity audit at the request of the Inner Circle. Selective sensitive information has been redacted to protect the security and anonymity of certain organisations and parties investigated thereby.

My question is this an Inner Circle only thing or could the public make use of the directive to view records?

It sounds to me that is something that happened only because of the request by Inner Circle, so I’d say probably not.

Then again, why not try? “Worst” that can happen is you get ignored. :smiley:

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