Question on Config Equipment Role for Corp members

Hi all,

I’m interested in finding out if there are any dangers or risks associated with granting this privilege – how could it be abused?



I guess the question is what deployables (besides containers, starbases, and sov structures) it actually affects. As far as I can tell, all the deployables released by CCP, are solo, not corp.

So the role lets your corp member anchor, unanchor, and change any configuration options for contaners in space. Or if CCP adds any corp deployables in the future.

Thanks! I guess I should explain a bit more why I’m asking. I’ve started a new corp, and I am recruiting new players (as I am fairly noobish myself), and we are focusing on the industrial-mining side of the game. After doing some research, I realized that it would be extremely powerful for members to be able to share corp hangar space while at the same having a private area within the shared corp hangar, leading me to the discovery of Station Warehouses.

In order to use them effectively, it seems necessary to give them the Config Equipment Role basically to all members who have such lockers, and after some google-fu I found a few posts here and there suggesting that granting that role causes potential issues, and I’m trying to clarify what they are. :wink:

Well granting roles like access to hangers or control of corp money means they can steal everything in it or unanchor like that.

There has been crazy large corp theft because untrustworthy individuals had the proper clearance.

A very large alliance lost more than 5 trillion(yes that’s 12 zeros) and all their stations all at once by someone on the inside.

Just make sure you can trust them.

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