Question on mission

Is there a way to prevent being offered the anomic base mission. I have received this mission 6 times in a row. I realize that declining it does not penalize you however it being offered by the same agent back to back is pretty damn frustrating. i would love a way to prevent this mission being offered at all unless i feel like taking it. is this even possible.

run lvl 3s

Run Distribution or Mining missions :slight_smile:

This is how I’m improving my empire and corporation standings, when I’m bored with security missions.

I’m doing few Security missions Level IV then like 10-12 fast Distribution missions Level IV just to get a Security storyline mission Level IV to the same corporation/empire. I just noticed, when I’m doing all Security missions they give me a Distribution (mostly) storyline with low standings value, but when I’m doing Distribution mission, as the last one, they give me a Security one.


Nope, it’s not, and honestly I don’t get why you’re so annoyed. Takes a few seconds to check the title, double check, and hit the decline button.

I know some people who would kill for that kind of luck. Those missions can be stupidly profitable if you know how to run them.


Use a corporation like caldari navy which has a lot of lvl 4 security agents lumped together in a small area. Plus as jita 4-4 is caldari navy…you save a penny or 2 on tax the higher your standing with them.