Question on Republic systems outside the former Minmatar Empire

I’ve been looking at the lore articles on the Minmatar lately (I mean, it’s Liberation Day so…) and the brief stub on the Minmatar Empire mentioned that it was made up of just three systems, whereas the Republic is easily much larger, with three regions (excluding the Thukker Tribe’s Great Wildlands). As such, is there any information on the systems that were outside the Minmatar Empire, but are now part of the Republic?

  1. How were they acquired? How many were former Amarr colonies captured during the Minmatar rebellion, and how many were colonized by the Republic afterwards?
  2. Any known names of worlds and systems in the current Republic that were used during the Amarr occupation? I could only find information on Starkman Prime/Arzad, which is technically part of the Amarr empire outside of Faction Warfare mechanics.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


I am not sure I understand the question completely, but

  • yes, before the Day of Darkness and Amarr occupation, Minmatar Empire consisted of three systems
  • during the occupation, Minmatar spread (mostly as slaves) to pretty much all of the Empire and (I believe) the Empire spread to the regions now known as the Minmatar Republic (and possibly other places too)
  • in the Great Rebellion, the Minmatar uprising basically conquered not only their previous territory but also three Amarr provinces (Heimatar, Molden Heath, Metropolis); these became the Republic, but the Amarr still refer to them as “the Rebel provinces”
  • we do not know how much of these places was inhabited before the Rebellion, but I think we must assume “most of it”, so if you are thinking of a story you can use any place you like and it’s plausible
  • one place specifically named in the lore is the Ani constellation, which was the home space of Nefantar tribe during the occupation and from which they fled to Derelik to set up the Ammatar Mandate (there’s probably others but from the top of my head)

This sounds right to me.

My read is that at the rebellion you have the two home systems that survived, and then you have a wide number of what were effectively colonial plantation worlds.

My read is that Amarr populations were increasingly small the further you get away from Throne Worlds, with large plantations established and huge holdings that were then populated primarily with large slave populations of mainly Matari. This is true in all the provinces of the Empire, there are large populations of Matari everywhere. The difference is that in Heimatar there were still the more robust clan systems surviving on Pator. Those groups, which historically had likely been the least troublesome to Amarr, had been radicalised against Amarr by the destruction of Starkman. That gives a cultural center, and a more complete economy, from which to found the new Republic. Then basically they conquered what they could of the plantation worlds.

This is going to have some interesting economic ramifications for modern republic. For example, the only complete/self sufficient economies at time of rebellion are likely to have been the two remaining home systems after Starkmanir was destroyed. Most of the other systems in what became the Republic were likely organised as colonial model plantations with things like monoculture crops or single economic specialisations. That’s going to have required a great deal of redevelopment and restructuring (as well as probably new colonial efforts bringing in missing specialists) to make self sufficient once the regions became free of Domain.


Oh, and as to places, the new Rebellion lore mentions Auner, the Ortner constellation where Fort Kavad is, and Mahti (the last now in the Mandate, though).

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Thanks for the excellent and enlightening summary, However, now, this begs the question of who built the “Minmatar-style” interstellar jump gates and when. Is there any knowledge to be shared?

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Thanks for the answers, @Elsebeth_Rhiannon , @Gaven_Lok_ri . I had a feeling the current Republic is going to be made up of former Amarr-controlled systems, by and large.

The main question I asked was ‘what were those systems called before the Minmatar renamed it’. It’s based on the above video I’ve watched by Tim Hickson/Hello Future Me. Of course, it’s probably something CCP never needed to think about (might have been trivial by a dev’s standpoint), and could very well just be left to players to fill in the blanks. In the end, I feel it reflect on how the change of power affects the names of places (e.g. Athra renamed Amarr, Constantinople renamed Istanbul). I suppose everything outside Pator was either approximated from an earlier Amarr-era name, already given a name in one of the Matari languages by imperial collaborators (e.g. Nefantar) or, more likely, outright renamed.

The article I looked up didn’t really say; the Minmatar never developed them before the Amarr conquest. But it’s likely the Minmatar reverse-engineered whatever intact Amarrian gates they managed to capture, and got help from the Gallente. As for when, who knows, but I don’t think the Minmatar are keen to look at any reminders of their past slavery unless it’s shredded with holes.


This is a possibility.

Another one is that it is mentioned on the lore on the Sebiestor Tribe that part of what protected them from the worst during the occupation was their technical skill which the Amarr heavily used. The gates we see might have been built largely by slaves during occupation (and maybe made more tribal in style after).


We have a couple examples of Amarr names of systems as regards the homeworlds. Starkmanir was renamed Arzad, Pator was renamed Damius.

But I don’t think we have conquest era naming schemes for rest


I guessed as much… Guess I’ll just fill in the blanks if the need arises.

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