Question regarding my progression plan

Hi everyone !

I’ve been an alpha player since one month, and after the (stupid) loss of my first Thorax while I was piling up ISK in order to purchase another one in case of any trouble, I’ve decided to learn more about ISK farming methods and profitability, and found one that is particularly fine for me: “Mid High Sec” mining.
(For the info, I discovered that there was 1M free skill points for new players when I was 700k ish skillpoints and I decided that it was not worth it to restart again).

A quick explanation: I can pratically semi afk mine all day long, as I work from home office at the moment. I just need to have an eye on my Venture to check that there is no trouble around. So it is not particularly boring for me, and ISK started piling up (I make between 20-25M ISK per day depending on buy orders).

So I’ve decided to move up to mining barges and bought a procurer for safety reasons. I’m waiting for skills to be learned at the moment before jumping in it. And that’s the main issue for me: Skill training, as there is lot of importants skills to learn from the start, and when I was alpha, I focussed on gunboats skills first. But anyway, it appears that I won’t be able to play for 2 weeks, so when I’ll be back, I’ll be able to mine in my procurer. Meanwhile, I’ve purchased +3 implants and a full T2 fitting for my procurer.

Sorry for the long introduction, but now that you know the context, here is my questions:

  • I plan to grind skill learning for mining in order to fitt properly my Proc first
  • In the meantime, I’ll save to buy another one just in case of troubles
  • When done, I plan to skill drones, as I would like to fly drone boats for Missions and Ratting, just to add a bit of fun after mining
  • When done, I’ll continue grinding a bit more reprocessing skills for better ores farming via strip miners II and also switch from selling ores to minerals

Is it a fine progression plan from your point of view?

Regarding ISKs, I think I’ll have to wait quite a long time to switch from Procurer to Skiff. I don’t know how much ISK/hour I’ll make with my procurer, but I guess I’ll have more than enough time to buy a skiff before being able to get in it.

So would it be wise to switch my implants from +3 to +5, eventually buy a mining implant, and invest in Skill injectors (honestly, I think that it is lacking skills that prevent me from doing more stuff in EvE rather than ISK at the moment, so I think using ISK to speed up my learning process would be a good idea, as ISK will not be a problem at least within the next month or two) ?

So to sump up:

  • I’m not looking into the best ISK farming method at the moment, I would like to continue this way as it suits my personnal agenda
  • Is my progression plan ok according to my wish, or am I missing something?
  • Do you think that investing into big implants & skill injectors with ISK is wise as I feel to be limited by my skills at the moment to discover other opportunities?

Thanks a lot for your feedback, and sorry for this looooong post !

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+5 implants are definitely worth it in the long run. They will be expensive for you, however, and require Cybernetics V (12 day train iirc). Most gankers will leave you alone if you mine in procurers and skiffs, but be sure to set up a pod saver tab.

Your skill queue sounds good. Unfortunately, you’re probably going to be grinding like a madman to be able to afford injectors. Semi-AFK mining in HS might be a good choice for work hours, but it’s got a pretty crappy income. At the very least, I suggest joining a mining group so that you can get boosts and hauling and reprocessing services. You might also consider joining a nullsec group. Depending on the group, not only will they offer mining opportunities, but also increased safety and other PvE and PvP opportunities (such as planetary interaction, which might be something you’d be interested in).

Oh, and check out my skill point and training videos. They’re totally not boring power point lectures.


Thanks a lot for the info !
I didn’t saw these two ressources (pod saving & advanced learning skills), it will be very valuable knowledge I’m sure !

I forgot to say that with my procurer, I intend to mine in “high low sec” (0,4) in order to get more profitable ores such as Jaspet & Kermite. Of course, I’ll keep an eye for Redz while doing so.

+5 implants will let you train an additional 3 SP/minute compared to +3’s. Over the course of a year that’s an extra 1.5 million SP but you won’t notice it on shorter time scales - stick with the +3 implants and the free SP CCP is handing out as daily rewards until the cost of the +5s is pocket change.

Mining and missioning is a fairly common way to start the game. The major problem is the content is old and will eventually become boring. Interaction with other players - through the marketplace, on the battlefield and/or in a corporation is generally the anchor that keeps people engaged in the game.

In general, grinding is not fun … and fun is what you should aim for. Also most ISK making methods accessible with low skill / knowledge are not much fun (IMO). If you can afford it, I would recommend to purchase a small bundle of PLEX from CCP and sell on the market for an ISK buffer.

With the worries about losing and having to replace something gone away, the game can be much greater fun in the first months.

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Yeah this. Even if you’re content with mining, this will take some of the pressure off. The $5 PLEX is plenty

I’d note that “high lowsec” is just lowsec. The security rules only change from 1.0 to 0.5 (hisec), 0.4 to 0.1 (lowsec), and 0.0 to -1.0 (nullsec). The difference is (as you’ve found out) lower system security means greater rewards.

Mining in a procurer in lowsec is dangerous, because you can be killed by anyone without CONCORD (police) intervention. Try to find an empty backwater lowsec system if you really want lowsec mining.

Anyone who appears on local who does not have a green, blue or purple marker can and probably will attack and kill your procurer, which means you need to be staring at local like a hawk, which means no AFK or semi-AFK mining.

Personally I’d never take a barge or exhumer into lowsec at all, it’s just putting up a huge “SHOOT ME” sign.

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A lonely Procurer in Low or Nullsec usually is a bait.
Perhaps you stay unharmed for a while because of that - but very often, baits mean fun in a way of “let’s find a decent brawl!”

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