Question regarding violating the sovereignty rules:

(Andrew Lomis) #1

My alliance has been using a particular system in null sec for testing. We claimed the system shortly after the mirror and placed a TCU and IHub and some structures. Yesterday another alliance has entosis’d both our TCU and iHub,which is a clear violation of the rules: (

My question is: Should we prepare to defend our system against them, or can we expect that someone on the CCP side of things (GM, ISD, etc) will rectify the situation without us having to do so?

(violator2k5) #2

there used to be a thread where you could report them for breaking the rules on the old forum which lead to either a warning or ban from the test server. here you’ll probably just have to add the info to a new thread or do it here.

be warned though, it might be a alt so they may not care if it gets banned or not.

(Jona Ambramotte) #3

is the alliance called we are the kingS? they have taken over some of my systems aswell

(Andrew Lomis) #4

I’m not 100% sure which alliance it was, since the communications we got simply said that someone was entosis-ing our Sov structures. Some of the other guys in my alliance said they saw some people in system that were from a 1 man alliance (who have claimed a system next door).

It looks like these guys attacked several systems in the vicinity, but did not follow through on the node capture event.

In any event, I managed to catch CCP Habakuk online and explained the situation and he handled it. A big thanks to him for taking time to help!

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