Rule violation

Hello, recently an alliance has taken over my system (i6-SYN) and now possibly aitioh(?) the alliance is called We are the kingS, and seems to have taken over other alliance’s systems aswell.
They have also killed my ESS that i was testing with the day(s) before.

What rule? No one owns anything in EVE…

Test server rules. File a ticket, give evidence and wait.
Grab and post screenshots at least we can look at something backing your story…

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The Test server only allows non-consensual PVP in 2 systems, except during mass tests:

PVH8-0 (no capitals allowed)

It’s not normally allowed to take sov already held by someone else.

The rules are outlined in the sticky at the top of this forum:

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These are the notifcations and the killmail i got

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note: They Have attacked my unanchoring keepstar:

i filed a ticket, they say to contact the QA team on the forums.

I’ve filed my own as well because they did the same to me in TDE4-H. Took all of the hubs and TCUs I owned and even capped the station and restricted docking rights to it. So I just grabbed all my alts and got it all back but we’ll see if anything is actually done about it since this is the test server after all.

Thery have been doing that in a lot of places, probably because they/he is a no life dirtbag with nothing better to do. That being said, it’s not like anything will be done about it, because nothing is ever done with these dirtbags who pod on the station in 6-C etc.
CCP Habakuk, Gawd love ya bro, but something being done with these asshats would give everyone here I think just a little bit of satisfaction.

I just decided to take matters into my own hands.

They popped down a Sotioyo right in line with the station so its insta warp either direction. Well I decided to just get all my dread alts together and have a bit of fun.

Yay bonus Dread train.

Normally I wouldn’t care much because all the upgrades are still in place so if I want to test escalations I can. But the fact that taking the sov wasn’t enough they went and capped the station as well, I just couldn’t abide by that.


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