Have come back to eve after many years and my brain is empty of eve info, am reading up but am confused please advise

So my main is minmatar race but years ago i trained into a domi for drones and l4s, he has 22m sp so has guns/missiles but only Gall battelship trained so far

I now find the domi to slow for l4s and puts me to sleep, i saved and bought a Gila for Abyssal l3’s which is fast and fairly fun, but now I want Lp’s for the new fleet thrashers etc unless Abyssals pay alot more then I could just run them and buy Fleet thrashers etc?

So my question I read people saying save for a Machariel, they are fast fun with guns and good for l4’s. (I did find a Barghest blueprint but not sure if making that up is a bad idea for l4s?)

I read a guy say Domi - Navy Domi - Mach and then go to Minmatar space??? not sure why tbh. I have standings, which confuse the hell outa me, of +8.78 with spcaeplane patrol and thats in Caldari space i think, (+3.69 with Caldari state my highest ) -1.09 with minmatar republic

My aim is to play fast and off my other account maybe run a salvager?

Thanks for any advice on mission running from my position,

Buy PLEX, go to Null, krab

The end

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