Questionable Mr. Federation Candidate

Ah, Gallente racism again?

So long as it doesn’t endanger another Federation inhabitant. But anyone outside the Federation, It’s all fair game. Nice way to justify it.

You may be confused as to the extent of inclusion my statement was aimed at.

What is a Federation inhabitant but a person living inside Federation borders? can I aim for the protection of a resident in Tenal or Paragon Soul? or support a fighter actively undermining the Federation by working for the State Protectorate? i think not.

I did not specify ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, or place of birth, I simply placed the label “inhabitant” to denote the people that willingly chose, or was born, to live within the border of this stellar nation, a collection of nations to be precise that is called the Gallente Federation.

Anyone outside the Federation should be a free target? not true and certainly not fair, but it sits far beyond my personal ability and those of Federation officials to offer protection and safety. Should we aim against them? again, not unless they actively undermine our way of life.

So in short to answer your question, is this racism? no, it’s an ideological dispute, and I’m quite frankly very eager to defend it with blasters at face point range.

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What does any of this have to do with war?

My whole argument is about racism in the Federation and you come back with this, quite frankly, strawman argument about it being justified because of war, and some vague stuff about not being citizens in placid and…. What are you even rambling on about.

Ein is quite simply, a U-nat racist, and he’s being allowed to run in the Mr. Federation competition.

Not a good look for the Gallente as a whole.

Well, here is your present:


Please enjoy!

Also think about this: …

3 days.

Think again. 3 days.

The most notable engagements were:
3 gallente tristans against a worm, which gallente totally lost with one more tristan coming to help to worm in last minute.
3 gallente catalysts + kiki against single Caldari kiki. One catalyst died, rest ran.
2 gallente kiki against our kiki. One gallente kiki died, another run.
One caldari vedmak against whooping fleet of 8 cruisers. Well only 3 got on the killmail, and unfortunately I didn’t manage to kill any of them, still looking forward to repeat it to see how many I could kill next time!

In any way, the objective is complete, gallente occupation of the system is no more.

Glory to the State!

(P.S. And yes. 3 days)


The people of Notoras rejects your rule. You might have taken the system but the resistance will live on.

Like I said, we will clean your squid ink stain on the Jewel of Black Rise later.

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I know expecting one of the Federation’s dogs to be at the very least informed about what they are fighting for is a leap in and of itself, but who do you think “the people of Notoras” are?

All of the CDZ is the colonial claim of one megacorporation or the other, of course, but Notoras, like of all Black Rise, has been Caldari since even before the auction.

You are just an invader, and you have been driven off.

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One could argue that Federal claims to Black Rise are stronger than corporate claims to the so-called CDZ, by virtue of many systems therein having spent the better part of the last decade under Federal administration. You may want to exercise caution getting all haughty and throwing stones inside a glass house- once the pendulum inevitably swings back, the Federation might not be so gracious as it has been in the previous years when it has traditionally held the higher ground.

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One would be wrong.


Fine. I will have fun watching you reap what you sow then.

How pretentious of you to assume that 1) you speak for the people of Notoras, and 2) for the Federation at large. Who died and made you president?

Ignorant frogs believe that democracy can decide what people want. But that’s just nonsence, democracy decided what want even more ignorant cooks and janitors, who knows only their limited sphere of professional activity. The will of Caldari people is given through Corporations. It’s the professional managers who can decide what people really need, not some sushi traders or miners. Only Corporations can talk for Caldari people. Only Corporations can talk for Notoras.

Voices of people like Ein Kai bear no value, he has neither merit of leadership, nor merit of strength to speak for Notoras. His ilk was kicked out with ease, and all his authority is gone.

Nobody in Notoras will reject the Megacorporate rule. Because it’s the Caldari way.

Glory to the State!

The notion that employees of the Lai Dai corporation would prefer Federation rule, let alone rule enforced by yet another gang of payrolled pirates and privateers is laughably nonsensical.

Per publicly available information distributed by your own members, your fleets barely even attempted to retain the occupation last night against State forces, preferring instead to roam into Tama and do as pirates do.

You would do yourself a favor by holding your tongue in the future.