Questions about a Skill Plan

I want to train a character specifically for piloting a Dreadnought and a Titan. I hope to have a skill plan that includes only the necessary skills for these ships, including all support skills, without any extra skills.

Is there a program or calculation method for this, or perhaps a tool that can be imported into the game to automatically generate such a skill plan?

I’m just sharing my thoughts and would appreciate feedback from experienced pilots. Thanks a lot!

(I’m focusing on the Ragnarok and the Navy Issue Moros.)

Evemon will do exactly what you want. You can input the ship you want to train and it will give you the skills needed to get there


If you want a focused skill plan without any extra skills, why not focus on a Titan and Dreadnought of the same faction? You are now combining an autocannon shield Titan with a hybrid gun armor Dread, which requires more skills to train than if you were to pick two ships of a single faction.

If you want a list of the minimum necessary skills you can create a fit you want to fly in the simulator ingame and it will tell you all the skills you are lacking to fly that ship and fit.

If you want a list of all relevant skills, look at the mastery skills for inspiration and pick the skills listed there that seem useful for your use case and add them to your skill queue up to the point that you are willing to train.

Now you have a skill queue full of necessary and useful skills which you can export to a skill plan. But it’s already in your skill queue, so I don’t see the purpose of a plan then.

P.S.: maybe start with the dread skills first, it’s shorter and more affordable, so you can start using the character sooner as dread pilot while you are still training into the titan.

That seems like a great tool, but I found out it hasn’t been updated since 2016. Thanks a lot for your help!

Thank you for your reply. I agree with your suggestion, but this actually involves plans for two separate characters: one specialized in Titans and the other in Dreadnoughts. I’ve tried using the skill mastery suggestions from the ships to plan out the skills.

The issue is that I want to specialize in a specific ship, which means some skills suggested at level IV would be better maxed out to level V. I will definitely consider your advice. Thanks a lot!

Ah yes, if these are skill plans for two separate characters I see nothing against combining a Ragnarok and a Moros NI!

If I ever train a Titan myself I will likely do it on my Dread pilot though, as these types of ships share a lot of skills already.

Level 5s are a luxury. Unless they are necessary to unlock something, I wouldn’t make them part of the skill plan for the ship. Maybe add them to the end of the skill plan so you have something to train for a few more years while the account is Omega!

The only level 5 capital ship skill which doesn’t unlock something that I would nevertheless put in that queue is JDC 5.

Jump Drive Calibration 5 is going to be expected from you as capital pilot. Keepstar routes are often placed for JDC5 supers, and dread bombs will be located in systems within jump range of the target system; you will be disappointed when a cyno for a fight goes up and you cannot reach it. :wink:

Yes, JDC5 is a long but necessary grind. Thanks, man. I’ve got a better understanding now. Maybe there isn’t a fully automated solution, and perhaps creating a manual plan tailored to my needs is the way to go. I’ll consider putting both the Titan and Dreadnought skills on one character since it will be much faster. Thanks again for your advice.

For an automated plan Geo’s suggestion of using Evemon is a good one.

Personally I used the skillplans of my alliance as a basis for my dread pilot and went from there.
I assume your alliance also has such skillplans?

2021 actually but thats besides the point

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Yes, the alliance and corp have pretty comprehensive skill plans, but most of them are quite basic. I’ve already received some helpful advice. Thank you very much.

I believe adding all skils nessesary to fly the ship + all the support skills can be done from info screen of the ship.

Tab Requirements for the base skills to fly and the mstery tab to get the rest of the skills.

I havent tried it myself so dont know, is just what came to mind when reading the op.

Anyone please correct me if i am wrong!