Questions about recent updates!

I wonder if the super flagship has been modified in this month’s upcoming update?

DED space, is it also modified?

I want confirmation here.


Can you explain what you mean by “super flagship”?

Beyond that, we don’t have any information about the upcoming update, so no one will be able to give you any confirmation. There are certainly some rumors, but nothing I’ve seen actually confirmed.

Yes, many people are waiting for the update on the 24th. Everyone said that they would update the moon ore-related changes. Also said that the “super flagship” expensive update some changes. (nyx, hel these). This has caused many people to panic and cause many prices to be abnormal. I just want confirmation here. Thank you very much.

changes in ore distribution have been announced by devs officially.
I still don’t understand what you mean by

i mean… there is no verb in this sentence, yes?
either my english is too bad, or you should ask someone to edit your post

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