CCP is only showing a fraction of the update up to now

I think a huge update is launching tomorrow.

look at this,
This is the status monitor for Singularity:

So whats so interresting about this?
well look at it:
The last few days the player amount on SISI was around 0-4 players on average.
but in the last 24 hours we 2 huge spikes that are both exactly 98 players big.
we ofc got the very huge spike last week wich was the mass test but thats not important rn.

Also on a so called “multiciply” server
EVE-Offline :: EVE-Online Status monitor

There has also ben a spike of exactly 98 players

So also what i noticed SISI doesnt accept logins rn try it yourself it will say something along: server is currently not accepting players.

THis makes me speculate that CCP has something planned for tomorow.

I encourage discussion in this thread : ) but please stay constructive and dont call ppl stupid for their theory… well you can if their theorie is that where getting a cocomelon crossover or something like that.


I just hope it’s exciting :smiley:

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The Jove return

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Maybe a PLEX sale. :upside_down_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :blush:



Maybe that spike of 98 players was CCP & alts testing the new content… :upside_down_face:

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we need new weapons to blow stuff up with

TRIG ENHANCED LASERS FOR AMMAR! (explosive damage to lasers)

Minmatar can develop rustier rust for improved speed at the cost of less armor

Caldari need access to edencom enhance hybrid weapons (hybrid ammo with EM damage)

Gal’s can develop a tastier quafe??? laced with abyssal drugs

also drifter ships/weapons!!!

lol, definitely something to hope for…

Why would they launch a HUGE update one day out without letting all players know about it?
The theory could be sound but - reasons?

You might even call those player spikes “uprisings”

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to be honest any hybrid update if it were to happen would apply to gal

Just saying…

*I :scissors: “safety.” :scissors: into @DeMichael_Crimson 's quote for comedic affect.

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Well, it’s possible but doubtful, especially on the test server.

Anyway, in the future please don’t misquote me, other forum members may think I actually said that.


Lol they anounced it xD

Who announced what, when and where?

Thanks for the link, any chance you could just list the Bullet Points?




Tomorrow the 8th:
Ship’s (new ships + changes to ships.)
High Sec Changes
Alliance logo’s and ■■■■ (start of heraldry it seems like the base for it which they will build from.)
New Sound effects I think is tomorrow as well not 100% sure.

Plex’s in fw change

Trig ships too cheap
T1 dreads too expensive
They want faction dreads to be between trig and t1 dreads in cost/effectiveness

And also that Aurora is a legend for all the late nights working and passion for eve.


O there was some cool ■■■■ as well about idea’s for potential Capital changes near the very end of the vid I would watch it, something about Capitals fights are pretty boring and they want to spice it up a lot with new mechanics and interactions and unique stuff we haven’t seen yet, but they want it to be some thing that doesn’t replace something a sub cap currently does.

And also changing caps so that they have nodes that you can shoot and switch off, a way that sub caps can engage capitals, so that there is room in a war for both caps and sub caps both doing their thing in a large fight. EG “shoot out the afterburners and the cap cant move, shoot out the warp drive and it can’t cyno out type of thing.”

I hope I got those right and remembered most lol.

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how are Gallente kicking caldari butts? didn’t they lose both events before even they reached like 10% on the first event or something like that?

least The Amarr empire showed the duct tape warriors who is better…but they at least knew how to put up a fight and slow our lead down… but we all know exploding suns are fun!!!

Amarr/Mini event was much better tbh as you guys could gain progress with kills, we couldn’t. I don’t think many of us really cared about the mining event, shot like 3 miners got bored and did normal fw stuff.

I found when I killed the miners and their defenders all I got was caldari tokens, cant progress gallente event progress with caldari tokens so it was kinda bad design. 2 different ores for caldari and gallente as well so if you kill a caldari miner he drops caldari ore which you can’t hand in for gallente progress.

The first event left a bad taste so didn’t even bother with the 2nd, I’m sure if was a similiar experience for the other dudes.