[Theory]Big update incoming

I think a huge update is launching tomorrow.

look at this,
This is the status monitor for Singularity:

So whats so interresting about this?
well look at it:
The last few days the player amount on SISI was around 0-4 players on average.
but in the last 24 hours we 2 huge spikes that are both exactly 98 players big.
we ofc got the very huge spike last week wich was the mass test but thats not important rn.

So also what i noticed SISI doesnt accept logins rn try it yourself it will say something along: server is currently not accepting players.

THis makes me speculate that CCP has something planned for tomorow.

I encourage discussion in this thread : ) but please stay constructive and dont call ppl stupid for their theory… well you can if their theorie is that where getting a cocomelon crossover or something like that.

Also on a so called “multiciply” server
EVE-Offline :: EVE-Online Status monitor

There has also ben a spike of exactly 98 players

Must be a big thing to deserve two threads.

Again, whatever it is I hope it’s exciting.

I wanted to login to singularity yesterday but it wasn’t possible. Not sure how long it was offline, but that is the reason for that low player count there for sure.


I too think there is a major update happening tomorrow…why do I think so? I don’t know, maybe from CCP itself! Uprising – A Major New Expansion | EVE Online It’s in the title. They announced it 2 months ago. SHOCKING!

yes you cant log in but sometimes there are spikes of exactly 98 ppl and that is ccp testing stuff

yes but what is in uprising isnt 1gb of data in updates + a locked server…
They are hiding stuff

Hangers by themselves would be that big…1 GB isn’t a lot. I’m sure the new Faction Warfare system is rather beefy as well. 8 new ship models. The only they may be hiding would be whatever they had tied to the Stellar Transmuter data we’ve been collecting for 3/4 empires.

they hiding the TRIG CRYSTALS! for my lasers… that give them explosive damage!

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