Questions about the in-game overview

The current game overview is too old, it’s time to update the game overview!
More than half of the content of this game is reflected in the overview. For a newcomer of the game, the settings of this game overview will not be used. He will only use others’, and he does not know the specific settings of this overview plan. What effect will be produced in the game interface, you can add some teaching for the overview setting in the novice teaching.
In a certain update, you have added the setting of refreshing monsters for the Stargate accessory. The types of these monsters when viewed by the right mouse button are uniformly asteroids, but some of them are not found in the overview settings. Is actually connected to the pirate NPC type in the overview setting. After I set the overview, I have to add or delete some types that I don’t want to see in the current overview tab

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This is a common request, and we’ve asked for this on multiple occasions - even just formalizing one of the existing overview packs would be helpful.


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