Questions about Zor’s series implants

There are two Zor’s series in the market one is Zor’s Custom Navigation Link another is Zor’s Custom Navigation Hyper-Link.

These two items are all for the navigation implants, and all of them require skill level 4 Cybernetics. Zor’s Custom Navigation Hype-Link drop rate is normal and it reflect in the market place price is quite normal while Zor’s Custom Navigation Link drop rate is so high and its market price can not reflect its quality. Usually inplants require level 4 cybernetics price will maintain at least above 100m, but Zor’s Custom Navigation Link price is from 2000ISK to 10000ISK which can be the most cheap implants in EVE. And it’s production is so high that almost everyday will produce more than 500 which this world can not properly consumed.

This might leads to an illogical game play feeling and this also reflected in market. So, the question is whether this set up is intentionally or just a bug and seem difficult to correct for now.

I think there may be need an investigation on Zor’s Custom Navigation Link and set a proper drop rate to make this item more reasonable:)

PS: I also asked this question at new Citizen Q&A

Not every item needs to be common or cheap. Sounds like Eve working like it should.

PS: I gave you the same answer in the other thread. Don’t make more than one thread of the same thing.

Please look the other side. It can save capacity when VNI or Ishtar use 100AB and save 10% capacity. It will certainly give significance advantage to those who install greater size AB

Then, when Zor’s Custom Navigation Link use properly and became a bug and it seems so cheap and so much useful… It will just create even more problem…

I am such a genius

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