About Zor’s series implants

There are two Zor’s series in the market one is Zor’s Custom Navigation Link another is Zor’s Custom Navigation Hyper-Link.

These two items are all for the navigation implants, and all of them require skill level 4 Cybernetics. Zor’s Custom Navigation Hype-Link drop rate is normal and it reflect in the market place price is quite normal while Zor’s Custom Navigation Link drop rate is so high and its market price can not reflect its quality. Usually inplants require level 4 cybernetics price will maintain at least above 100m, but Zor’s Custom Navigation Link price is from 2000ISK to 10000ISK which can be the most cheap implants in EVE. And it’s production is so high that almost everyday will produce more than 500 which this world can not properly consumed.

This might leads to an illogical game play feeling and this also reflected in market. So, the question is whether this set up is intentionally or just a bug and seem difficult to correct for now.

I think there may be need an investigation on Zor’s Custom Navigation Link and set a proper drop rate to make this item more reasonable:)

Then, I also need to admit that there is a bug in Zor’s Customer Navigation Link:

You see when a VNI or Ishtar install 100MN AB, this implant save more than 35GJ and that will be 7% from total capacity use. Besides, there is few capacity optimize implant in Slot 7 and all of them price above 100M which 10000 times more expensive. I think you know what I mean, please not look at the navigation perspective, look at the engineer implants perspective. And this implant works well in Engineer Implants Perspective:)

So, when this bug been abused… It will just create another chaos… So… May be need to correct one bug and prevent another before it is too late. It is all because VNI is a bug first, then this bug get a buff after Zor’s Customer Navigation Link:)

Where is there a bug? Am I missing something?

And what do you gain from a change?

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cant see a bug here
really sorry but i think it works as planed

you posted about Zor implants in the “New Citizens Q&A” to


The bug is: only cost 10000ISK you can get a capacity boost for 7% which is significant advantage

Can’t you see how well it works on VNI and Ishtar which the case show smaller ship install bigger type of AB?

A) The drop-rate is working as it should
B) There is no bug. It’s working as planned
C) Did we really need a third thread on this?

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So… You mean 7% capacity advantage only cost 10000ISK and market get alone with it very well. That’s fine:)

Yes, that is fine. The market will react and prices will rise if people start hoarding the implant.

Theres far to many implants out there in people stashes for it to rise in price.

I agree that drop rate of that Zor’s Custom Navigation Link is too damn high.

BTW buying them will not make you rich. CCP will just make the current ones nerfed while adjusting drop rate, and they will add new one that will have same atributes as currently unnerfed one, but they will adjust drop rate on it too. So there will be 3 links.

Thank god we now have a THIRD thread on this topic.


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In case you don’t actually mission, like I believe you don’t, then Zors Custom Navigation Link is the common drop from Zor when you are not getting the rare drop of Zors Custom Navigation Hyper-Link. There is always a drop from Zor of one or the other with the far far majority of time of it being the first.

Zor appears in more than one mission and if he appears he always has one drop or the other.

It seems to be intended for the drop rate to be in this manner, so no it is not apparently supposed to be rare.

It is the only implant in my experience I would tell anyone to plug in if they don’t have something plugged into that slot especially if they use afterburners. With the cost per use it should literally be used almost everytime by any clone using afterburners that doesn’t have slots filled. Even if I wasn’t going to use any other implant because I would probably die, I think I would still use this one.

It doesnt have to be dropped every time tho, as people dont plug it in and die to lose it so often.

the only possible bug is that it drops every time on zor.

it does NOT give additional cap. It SAVES cap on AB fit, which is definitely not the same thing.

Just see it as an cheap implant that can be freely used on PvP characters that make use of PvP ships with Afterburners.
At least this is one lvl 4 cybernetic implant you can use for your PvP char without it hurting your wallet.

Not all lvl 4 things need to be expensive for usage.

not really, it’s a minor buff at best

The point is when the AB has 90% of the total Cap use and this implant works so well on that occasions.

The implant doesn’t save THAT much cap. Yes, it helps, but it does not break the game.


Zor’s Custom Navigation Link give 10% AB duration which save 10% Cap for the AB and only cost 8000ISK

Eifyr and Co. Gogue Fuel Conservation FC-805 cost around 160m which only safe 5% Cap and it make its FC-806 completely useless (See there is no person buy such implant for years). It is all thanks to Zor

By the way, I have report this bug and get an reply from GM Gueedov told me it will be handle and such issue will be considered, it seems CCP also start focus on the content and make sense of this implant which it has significant impact to Eifyr and Co. Gogue Fuel Conservation FC-805 & FC-806… Let’s see their actions.

that’s not how it works. cap usage is multiplied by 100/(100+10) so a reduction of 9.1% in cap usage

Other than that, the gain of 10% longer AB cycles is NOT the same as 9.1% reduced capacitor need.

Plus, they use different slots, so not only can you use both together, but also you can use one when the other’s slot is already used.