Questions about Zor's series implants

There are two Zor’s series in the market one is Zor’s Custom Navigation Link another is Zor’s Custom Navigation Hyper-Link.

These two items are all for the navigation implants, and all of them require skill level 4 Cybernetics. Zor’s Custom Navigation Hype-Link drop rate is normal and it reflect in the market place price is quite normal while Zor’s Custom Navigation Link drop rate is so high and its market price can not reflect its quality. Usually inplants require level 4 cybernetics price will maintain at least above 100m, but Zor’s Custom Navigation Link price is from 2000ISK to 10000ISK which can be the most cheap implants in EVE. And it’s production is so high that almost everyday will produce more than 500 which this world can not properly consumed.

This might leads to an illogical game play feeling and this also reflected in market. So, the question is whether this set up is intentionally or just a bug and seem difficult to correct for now.

I think there may be need an investigation on Zor’s Custom Navigation Link and set a proper drop rate to make this item more reasonable:)

Not every item is meant to be common or “reasonable”. Sounds like it’s working as intended.

Zor’s Custom Navigation Link is for Afterburners only
Zor’s Custom Navigation Hyper-Link is for Afterburners and MicroWarpDrives

the droprate is one thing (i got 4 link and then my first hyper-link implant) but the link implant is not as usefull as the hyper-link but yes if the hyper-link implant drop as oftern as the link implant … the price would go down

so droprate is not everything and i think it works as planed with the droprate of the normal link implant


the nav link kinda sucks so I’d say the price does reflect on it’s quality, pretty much always better to use a different implant in that slot. That and it drops so often I’d guess it’s value is pretty close to refine value. Although considering I own 100+ of them I wouldn’t mind seeing the nav link getting a buff.

The hyper-link is great and works on just about every ship so there’s high demand for it and an okay drop rate. It’s the only speed related hardwire not in slot 6. In a bunch of cases speed is life, so the price mostly makes sense. Looks like the price is getting high enough it might make sense to put damsel in the blitz rotation for the chance at the drop

Well… I think Zor’s Customer Navigation Link is very useful…

Because it save capacity. And it goes even better when let an VNI or Ishtar install 100MN AB… Great capacity save.

Then, when Zor’s Custom Navigation Link use properly and became a bug and it seems so cheap and so much useful… It will just create even more problem…

I am such a genius

You see when a VNI or Ishtar install 100MN AB, this implant save more than 35GJ and that will be 7% from total capacity use. Besides, there is few capacity optimize implant in Slot 7 and all of them price above 100M which 10000 times more expensive. I think you know what I mean, please not look at the navigation perspective, look at the engineer implants perspective:)

Zor’s Custom Navigation Link works well in Engineer implants perspective:)

The reason why it’s so cheap, is because it’s an almost guaranteed drop from the “right hand of zazzmatazz” and kruuls pleasure hub mission, a level 4 mission from hisec.

The mission is very common, and its a guaranteed drop. So the market is saturated.

That’s how the market works.

You see, its value now is around reprocessed material value… And thanks to it Eifyr FC-805 and FC-806 completely get lost in the market:)

May be there need a switch of the design for the Eifyr FC-806

No, the price is fine, Its set by supply and demand, people who are wiling to pay isk for it will only pay isk for it under a certain limit.

I do not question the market price, but the buffed design that almost destroy another implant. That is the real question

There are some implants that are better than other implants. Did you not know this or something?

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