About Zor’s series implants

So one slot 9.1% for 5000ISK, and another 5% for 100m ISK? Not Reasonable. And that is reason that Eifyr FC-806 completely abandon the market:)


Players can choose which ones they buy/sell/use. No one is adversely affected.

If there is no one buy an item in the market. Do we also can consider it is a failure by the design? CCP will not design an item that no one use it. Especially no one use it because the abuse and buff of another item:)

Eifyr FC-806 is an example for it, no one buy it because of Zor’s Navagation Link:)

By the way, the lowest price in the market history in a year for Zor’s Custom Navigation Link is 3000ISK which approximately near its reprocess value? What in your mind now? As an implant, even for Cybernetics requirement level 1 will cost you around 1m, and this implant require level 4 Cybernetics and good cap saving ability cost you almost nothing and make Eifyr FC-806 completely no one to buy. I think it make a buff and destroy another implant’s design. So… there may be need some modification for it and make it not likely to be abused:)

You’re thinking is flawed.

One is made for lp stores and is part of a series of implants.
The other was created independently and drops from an npc.

The fact that one is cheaper than the other is not a failure of CCP, nor is it design by CCP. Players control the prices of both.

If everyone stopped running missions with zor in, the zor implants would become more rare each day, and therefore more expensive. And eventually it would cost more than the Eifyr implant.

This again, would not be the fault of ccp nor would it be design. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

I hope ccp don’t change anything. Even though it wouldn’t take long, even 30 seconds spent on this would be a complete waste of time for such a non-issue.

No there doesn’t. It’s not abuse. It’s just happens to be the price players are selling the implant at.

Well… It will not happen. Because the existing implant can fill the market for 10 years already even there is no drop any more:)

Besides, it will also let other implants difficult to sell… when more people aware of the use of this implant… The more likely other similar implant can not sale well… help people to safe ISK? YES

When more people are aware?

It’s been around for years. Maybe more than a decade. It’s not significantly affecting the meta of eve after all this time.

Average player fitting decisions imply that even if the slot 8 hyperlink dropped at the same rate as the slot 7 link, it would still sell for orders of magnitude more.
Why? Who actually cares about cap cost or duration on afterburners? Increased speed boost on both ab and mwd will be preferred in >95% of fits.
Demand for that implant is voracious

You mentioned something about saving isk…
Wait… Come clean now.
Are you making these threads and tickets, because you spent lp on the navy afterburner implant that you mentioned earlier?

Well… No people cares? Even 1% advantage will make people pay more than 1B for it. Now 9% you say nobody care? Anyway, safe ISK and let’s all be happy about it:)

Yes, it will also make some other navy afterburner implant out of market. I will never use Navy LP to buy those unreasonable stuff after aware of use 3000ISK can by Zor’s Custom Navigation Link…

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