Quickly bring back all eve players

Give all the SP for the age of the acount not time paid. that way ppl will come back to all theses skill points tell all their friends eveyone will come back because they all want to try out all the new skills they now have and all the ships and other equipment that come with it this mean. Tons of Plex and other products being sold and give a renewed burst in your game. might even smooth over all those pppl you ■■■■■■ over in the past i dunno just ssaying you want to save your game Now give SP for life time of acount not paid time… this will out do any records in gameing history of a comeback .

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Can someone tell me when it was that SP went from unimportant compared to real player experience to being the most important part of the game?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


It didn’t?

SP can easily be sold though, unlike real player experience. So maybe you’re confusing ‘importance’ with ‘value’?


Really not quite sure what this means. You mean never mind about a skill being in the queue or not? If so, I like that idea.

But more than that I think simply removing any and all skill point shortcuts (esp the P2W ones) will do much more to get old players back than this idea.

Nobody is going to play eve if he has 20, 30 or 50 million more sp then before.
Either youn like the game or not. No amount of sp will change it so it helps nothing to sell or donate sp to players to keep them playing.


Old players are not comming back. There have been so many bad changes since fall of 2018 each “old player” have 5 things on his/her list of reasons not to play.

The only way they could bring back old players is to revert the code to Summer 2018.


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oof SP pretty game changing and this was a troll post

Don’t be stupid, they are not going to do that so the first statement is true.

Is your life that trival that you have time to pick these kinds of nits?


if your responding to me then same question to you?lol

CCP had most players when it was much harder to gain sp. Now they throw sp at you on every occasion and player count is low…

Players who think they will have fun in this game after they get a lot sp probably will never enjoy eve.
Some of my best moments in eve happened under 20million sp. I cant say im having more fun now with 120 million sp then back when i had 10, 15, 50 or 75 million.

It just doesnt matter. i dont even use implants anymore because its just pointless today.

In the posts, the name in the right corner is the person being responded too, since it doesn’t have your name, then no, it was not meant for you.

Sure. Keep dreaming.

I can’t read minds. What is stupid is thinking people can.

Also what is stupid is stupid word choice. If you meant they won’t come back for “that idea”, then that is what you need to say. But you said deadpan “They are not coming back.” You then followed with an idea that is never gonna happen, which actually backs up the idea they are never coming back regardless.

The core idea here is actually interesting. Maybe not executed exactly as described, but the core idea, if executed with the proper guard rails, would definitely bring back a good chunk of players

No amount of skill points will keep you from getting ganked, bumped, shanked by diamond rats, war decced, or any other myriad of reasons that EVE players quit over…

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Oh, I thought the post was about getting players back, not preventing them from quitting. 2 different problems with multiple potential solutions.

With all the EVE is dying posts… why does this show an increase in subscribers? EVE Online 5 Year Subscriber Stats - MMO Populations & Player Counts and active players over time?

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