Quickly bring back all eve players

The chances of getting someone back without addressing the initial grievence probably won’t go well.

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Those are interesting stats… might be the way they’re defining terms (what is “subscribed” exactly? What is “active”?). Just keep your eye on the “Tranquilitiy (xx,xxx Players)” number in the launcher over time, then assume a chunk of those are alts, some are brand new and won’t last a month, and some guesswork along with the general in-game experience = it seems like numbers are dropping over time. They also aren’t addressing churn (how many new players come on board then leave quickly or barely play, but stay “subscribed”).

Give a return player 100 million SP. They purchase a ship they’ve never been able to fly before, bling it out, undock, and get insta-blapped by a squad of Tornados. Return player quits again…

Like I said, no amount of SP will keep you from having a bad day in EVE…

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I returned after a long absence during which I still paid for my account. I petitioned and got nearly 15mil SP. This was borderline euphoric. I didn’t die. There was a lot of new things in the game that are still exciting and I’m still learning. I’m sure I could remember why I quit, but it didn’t matter. The initial assumed pain of feeling like I’d have to “catch up” with all the other players was reduced. The new ships, modules and abilities were amazing. A similar thing happened with another corp mate a couple years ago. You can pontificate with a rather extreme hypothetical if you want, but I think real experiences and data trump that.

i came back a month ago after a really long time away purely because a lot of the other games ive played since are now so grindy they make the grind in eve absolute childs play…was so glad all my stuff was still here and yes ive already lost isk and and shiney stuff but you know what i know the risks in eve and acdept that its kind of what makes eve the game it is

Like who cares about player skill levels while in time dilation?

all the talk about bringing players back simply hightlights the fact that they left. if CCP had any idea how to acquire and retain players we wouldnt even have this thread. Tell me which change made recently (couple of years) that was designed to bring players into EVE (new or old)? i can name several that drive them away. industy chainge, ESS/DBS bounty modifier , scarcity, ice randomization, the little tweaks like nullification and warp stab i am sure brought thousands into EVE. But wait, there’s more. daily gifts that have little or no value,
Howe about this. new missions for High SEC. or battleships you can build without needing any more than a few friends that like to hang out and mine. or PVP options that arent just rehased abyssal events (notice the increase in pvp when drop rates increased?)
oh well

I miss the 2008 Ice Belts…

Still waiting for POS and POS array reimbursements…


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