Quickly connect directly to your character

Excuse me, I’m using Google translate if it’s not very clear.

Hello everyone, I am in the process of setting up a setup to create streams, for this I have set up a .BAT file that I coded myself to start all the programs I need in one click to play a particular game, so I don’t have to search for what I need, everything opens directly.
On eve online I didn’t succeed, I don’t think it’s possible yet.

On World of Warcraft for example, I can do it with this command but of course you have to log your launcher first:

start “” “D:\Games\World of Warcraft_retail_\wow.exe” -config Config-playername.WTF

Maybe this is possible but I haven’t found it, you would of course have to connect to the eve online launcher before and leave it in the background to be able to execute this command

It would be really cool to have the possibility of doing this for people who want to automate their setup.

Thank you very much for your ideas or for considering this suggestion :slight_smile:

Good game everyone o7