Quitting game, selling 184 Ml Sp monster


piloting supercarriers of all races

Character name : Luganin
Born: 2007

Character is in Jita

Security status 5

Wallet in positive

No kill rights

3 Jump clones

npc corp

I would like to sell character fast but not cheap, make me a decent offer

Best luck!

How about 130 bil as b/o for the toon?

looking for a bit more, but contacted you in game

145 bil

146 B.

I am accepting 146 bil. I am at pc and ready to start trasnfer. Could you please send isk to my alt “Hatawka Askiras”

OK let’s do it but i will transfer the isk on the character being sold .
( it is quite easy to do what ever you want after)

please send ti my alt, they are both alpha, it will be more convenient for me, I convo you with my alt

ISk and Info sent to your alt

Dis you get scammed now?. Sales clearly states” send to character that is for sale”.

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As long as the main account mention the name of his alt ,
it is not someone impersonated Luganin.
So don’t worry Orochimaru_Angel too much for me, in any case CCP is watching over.

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Probable cheater!

Indeed that was a scam,
thanks to CCP work, this issue was taken good care of .

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