R-e-v-el-a-t-i-o-n (Cosmic Fury Alliance) - Looking for wormholers & corps

A big hello from R-e-v-el-a-t-i-o-n!

We are a newly formed US/EU wormhole corp seeking miners and PvPers to help build a friendly community that works to get players involved in the content that interests them.
New players are welcome but we suggest looking into wormhole life before jumping in.

Currently operating out of a C2 with C4 and HS statics.

  • Corps are welcomed into the alliance.
  • PvPers wanted.
  • Miners wanted.
  • Alpha friendly.
  • 0% tax!
  • Arrangments for one man multi-account corps.

Reasonable scanning skills.
Be present on corp/alliance comms (a working mic appreciated)
Willingness to join defense fleets.
An aversion to pointless drama and a distrust of people that cause it.
An appreciation of beer and cheese.

Join “Cosmic Fury Pub” and say hi for more information on the alliance and what we offer.

Fly safe and get in the hole.


ThatsCash Money Recruiter

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