R16 Industries, High Sec Mining and Industry

Hello and welcome to the Caldari States premier production corporation. In our factories we churn out whatever the State needs, from mining frigates to battleships, we serve the States needs!

Not only that, but we are also looking for pilots dedicated to serving the Caldari State and running missions for it, advancing the States interests! We are just now getting our feet back off the ground after a long break from the game, but it’s time to hit the isk grind running again!

If you are brand new, never fear. We have veterans of the game to help you get started building your industrial empire! We currently operate in high-security space for the foreseeable future, perfect for new players just getting started and older players just trying to lay back and chill!

If interested, contact Mickey Hesse in-game!

Recruiting for high sec mining and industry! US TZ Primarily!

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