Race / lack thereof

Okay first hello forum.
I wanna air some ideas here that might be in order now, or start to become one.
about races, yes this might have been up more than once i would believe.
But hear me out here.

i think the game is in huge lack from almost all other games, and it is about the lack of playable races. yes there are the factions here, but now in the days of CCP starts to focus more and more on exploration and stuff like that. I believe it is time to release or for them to start looking into this.
we already have Jovie and Sleepers and Drifters all seem to have good lore ground and should not be a problem to add and i would also love to have entirely new races to play with.

and i would like to see more “alien” type ships like Drifters battleship OFC without doomsday. but that Cinda hull all shiny and floating guns it looks awesome to a space nerd.
and i am also sure adding things like this will also help draw inn more new players.
and i know many of the old term ppl here will say no on all aspects here, but to be honest you have grown complacent in the environment. sorry but it is the fact i know all about it as i was long term AO player and i know how it is to change i hated every change they made.

Also a view that can be made, is to the ones that already are and thous that want to RP play in the sandbox. We have a place also here and we can make more “life” in it if we have more than “human” race to play with.
and to be honest CCP have forgotten about all ppl that is not part of the pvp community.
but if they truly want ppl to come and play their game “more customers” they must start to show interest in other aspects also than just big corps wish list type philosophy.

I know it is a “pvp” game and Big wars and all that. And that can just as fine continue as normal, this is for the broadening the game experience and longevity of EVE and player base.

an i know many agree with me on this and i also know many disagree, and that is just fine and well. but this is an mmo and mmos should have options for all types of ppl that play it.

That is all :slight_smile: sorry if my English is not all that good but i am self learned -
cool if you read true the wall and even cooler if you answer either you agree or not. i think it is time to take this discussion now as ccp really starts to move forward in game dev and explorations and things.

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Why be pretend monsters when we can be real ones?


hehe presicly, but i also want to metion that yes CCP is sitting on a huge if not massive potential to grow their game.
How many games have this quality that is sandbox game? not many that is for shure and CCP wanted to add to the game with other “addons” and that did not go so well. But i do believe that if they spend that amount of time and energy into making new races and stuff. Then it will get noticed by far more ppl out there that look for a cool space game.

And ccp also will make a huge amount of money in the process, yes i talk both sides here, maybe they listen then :stuck_out_tongue: but just think about how many would make new toons and use boosters and crap to make say a Drifter if that is the only way you can fly their ships!!

Well in this case WE are the aliens :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides T3 hulls combine “forgotten” tech with current ships and the jove ships are fairly alien looking and not to forget the SOCT hulls and things like the daredevil etc

WoW is that way OP ---->>


CCP have some facial mods that make you look like jove, but for some reason they dont use it. There are also models for suits that drifters are wearing and they can be combined with the modifications. I even made a slight modification of colours in blender and it looks like this:



yeah that would be just as cool, and manage to differ out among all others and create awesome aliens, ccp have a fantastic character model system and the skills to use it so why not use them?
it is among the most robust character creation that i have seen in a game so please ccp use what you have and build on it.

There are no real aliens in EVE… not like what we would think and play as.

For that there is Shores of Hazeron.

But in EVE… no need to play anything else, it would be purely cosmetic. We have enough “alien” looking options out there.

See I think the lack of playable races is part of what makes EVE all the more unique. Look at how many other gane universes have aliens…

Star Wars
Star trek
Babalon 5
Mass effect
Original Battlestar Galactica
Wing Commander
Warhammer 40k
Marvel and DC universes

That’s no where near the full list. There are ample universes where there exists more races.

Look at the few with only humans…
New Battlestar Galactica (I think)

I can’t think of many more where mankind ventured into space and found life, but we were the main dominant force. I like EVE falling onto this latter category. It makes the game that much more unique. We reached the stars and found… It was only humanity at its most horrible staring back at us. It fits better within the dystopia.

As Pogo said…

We have met the enemy, and he is us.


I will not play as any race but the superior Amarr.

That said, if it brought in some fresh meat I probably wouldn’t object to new racial options.

Actually officially there are species that are alien, but they are not intelligent, that is the only thing differentiating. But I suppose aliens are still visiting humans in EVE, just like they visit us today. :wink:

The most strange story is about the Sefrim. Xenoarcheologists could make something out of it.

I remember that one. It was a temporary facial modification on the test server that was triggered when you swapped to one of the eyebrow options.

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