Racial Benefits

If I have an infinite amount of time and can train all racial ship types, does that mean I will not suffer any disadvantages of being any single one race? Or will there be benefits that I will never attain because of my race?

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No disadvantages of training multiracial ships.

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The only affect of the race of your toon is the type of free corvette (noob ship) the game gives you in NPC stations.


Your starting faction determines:

  • the type of free Corvette you get at stations (mostly irrelevant as you will rarely if ever use it further into the game and if you do, you can get the other types from other players for nothing, considering they’re free)
  • your school location, which is where you start the game. Later on you can remotely set your medical clone location to this school system, to get a free clone jump to that system, but this is something that people rarely if ever use. I wanted to mention it anyway. :smiley:
  • character customisation. A few types of clothes and faces are unique to each faction, if CCP didn’t scrap that yet.

These are all very minor differences. You can learn to fly any ship in the game and your faction doesn’t matter for it at all.

So pick your faction based on whatever you like.



your race won’t handicap you or give you benefits


a long time ago your character creation choices altered your starting skills (which were much much less in points than the current iteration), although only the final choice of ‘school’ decided which particular station you would spawn at.

see here for a list of specific locations you would be placed as a n00b:





It still does, I had to buy Gallente Industrial Skills with my most recent Amarr toon. But the full set of different starting skills is not too expensive.

ah. sorry, i should have been more explicit: in the past the character choices of background had a larger impact on the skill set you would start with (since one only got 55k back then total)

anyways, yeah, things weren’t THAT much different…but there was enough to say that each of the background choices gave you skills at accumulated in a way that’s different than today’s “oh, you’re this race, you get that skillset”

my point was that back then it meant ‘something’ when you chose each of your background stuff.

Something people didn’t mention: your chosen race limits you to certain cosmetic choices for that race. Want nice Matar face tattoo’s? Gotta be Minmatar. It has no bearing on gameplay but such cosmetics might be important to you. They are to me.

Says the guy with the nice Matar face tattoos. :stuck_out_tongue:

(But yea, choice of race has a significant impact on your character customisation.)

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