i won eve
if you love the tengu like i do (and got your skills right) and you got the $$
i got one for you
all dead space and abyss

speed :1000o/h
dps:763…898o/h with faction
dps:896…1054o/h with rage
tank:50k o/h…em 71/therm 89/kin 87/exp 86 (with c type…can be upgraded with b/a pithum)
point:36 o/h
shield rap with full crystals: 890 3.5sec …1047 2.8 o/h

ship is cap stable with ALL moduls over heat!!!
if you got the tengu to 5 you can over heat for days :))

im not that active so i may not replay fast

shoot me a msge if you into it and got alot of this dank iskies

Sent me an offer ingame. I am at work. Do a good price and ill go for it.
If you already won eve maybe you got otherstuff.

It’s always better to link Evepraisal link, either fit or a screenshot. Otherwise No one care to guess what’s the exact set up.

aprntlly you do…
aaaand you just said your no one

Gosh… what a smarty ass :roll_eyes:

go awey…no one likes you
iand NO ONE CARES about your fetishs

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