Rage Rolling Is Trash with No Counter-Play

Ive been playing since '07 and moved to Jspace about 1500 playtime hours ago. I’ve barely been here and even I can see the things that are very, very wrong.

  1. Rage rolling
  • You can doorstop your static, roll-off all wanderers, and still have a fleet of 25 people land on top of you within a minute of their new static showing up in your system. Oh were you in a 5min siege timer? Ooops sorry pay the 10b tax so f1 monkeys can have 5 minutes of content
    -easy fix… H296 require 90seconds of stabilization before you can transit through them
    - use the current polarization mechanic, i.e. 'this wormhole has just formed and will not be stable for 40s"
    Still will be very hard for dreads to get away, they will most likely be pointed by sleepers and in their siege timer, but atleast it will give a chance, right now there is ZERO counter-play.

When you die in eve, you don’t make that mistake again – a rule of thumb I’ve always lived by. But dying to a rage roll? The only mistake made was flying a ship worth taking down. So what do you do, just never fly the ship? There needs to be SOME CHANCE to get away.

ANYONE can orbit a dread at 10km with a MWD on, ITS NOT HARD. For how easy and rewarding rage rolling is, there should be some counter-play for the prey. Here is 1day worth of kills from 1 corp rage rolling:

Right now if you’re in a dread while a rage-rolled k162 shows, you die. There’s nothing you can do about it… and thats dogcrap.

Closed for redundancy.